50 BEST Things to do in San Diego ( California )

If you are looking for the ultimate excitement and the best whale watching, San Diego is the right place for you. In San Diego, you can whale watch from the beach or right in your own car.

There are many historical sites near the Pacific Ocean such as the old turn left on the i-5 freeway, the old naval base and the old Audubon Station.

While you are taking in the sights, you can also stop by at the various historical landmarks including the Whittier College, the War Memorial Museum, the Horton Plaza and the Petco Park. After a long day, you can go back to your car and explore all of the many scenic wonders of San Diego.

1. Balboa Park

You’ll want to visit this place over and over again! Balboa Park in san diego boasts some truly spectacular scenery! You’ll enjoy some breathtaking Spanish architecture surrounded by a lush tapestry of gardens. More than 350 plant species coexist there! You’ll also have your breath taken away with the huge pond that lies in the middle of the park. It’s splashed with colors from surrounding plant life, as well as lilies and lotuses that float on its surface. There are neighboring zoos and museums within the park and they’re all a lot of fun to explore. Be sure to bring a camera here too! You’re going to want pictures of this beautiful, one-of-a-kind park.

Balboa park address:

Getting to Balboa Park by Car – or Ride Share

The heart of Balboa Park is located at 1549 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101.

Southbound from I-5
Take the 10th Avenue Exit off I-5. Turn left on “A” Street and left again on Park Blvd. Follow the signs to Balboa Park.

Northbound from I-5
Take the Pershing Drive/B Street exit off I-5 to Pershing Drive. Take Pershing and then turn left on Florida Drive. Turn left on Zoo Place to Park Blvd. Left on Park Blvd.

Southbound from Hwy 163
Take the Park Blvd. exit off Hwy 163. Turn left on Park Blvd. Follow the signs to Balboa Park.

2. San Diego, Old Town

This little park is rich with history and culture. During annual festivals like Cinco de Mayo and Fiesta Navidad, this place becomes nothing short of magical. It’s very colorful and vibrant and it’s full of sociality shops and unique art galleries. You’ll also find a lot of little hole-in-the-wall restaurants there serving some amazing Mexican cuisine. The Coyote Cafe has some especially mouthwateringly delicious taco plates!

Old Town is an entirely new neighborhood of San Diego, California, which features its own distinctive character. It consists of 230 acres and borders by the Pacific Ocean on the east, by the Mission Mountains on the west and Highway 101 on the north. The Old Town area is located along the western edge of the San Diego downtown area. The San Diego real estate market in Old Town has seen some dramatic developments.

San Diego State, Historical Park

This little town looks like something right out of the history books! It’s like you’ve gotten into a time machine and went back into the past! Here you will find restored historical buildings, five original adobes, and detailed replicas of San Diego’s wonderful history. It’s a beautiful combination of old, American, Western and Spanish architecture. There are many activities that go on here and a lot of different things to do. You can pet burros, watch blacksmiths at work, and shop till you drop at the unique little surrounding stores. The shop owners are well versed in the areas rich history and are more than happy to tell you some fascinating stories about it. There are also many historical and cultural celebrations that take place here too, so you never know what you might find there when you arrive.

4. The Donut Bar

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then you’ll absolutely love the Donut Bar! This sweet shop doesn’t do ordinary and you’ll find dreamy sweets here that you’ll be harp-pressed to find anywhere else. The locals rave about this donut shop and you surely will too. You can browse through a wide variety of sweets! Their Vermont maple bacon donut is sure to delight. But it is their Unicorn donuts that really put them on the map! You’ll want to keep coming back here because not only are their sweets really unique and delicious, but the cozy shop atmosphere is also lovely. If you have children, they will absolutely adore The Donut Bar!

5. The San Diego Zoo

This zoo has been rated one of the best in the world! It houses more than 650 species of animal! Make sure to free up your day because there is so much to see and do at this zoo! It will be an all-day event! There are many exciting exhibits and even areas where you get to interact with some of the animals. You’ll also find little shops and eateries scattered around.

The zoo currently holds the world’s largest koala breeding colony, with an estimated ten thousand koalas. In addition, it has several other species of exotic and native mammals, birds and reptiles, including all four kinds of penguins, two types of eared seals, the world’s smallest dolphin and three types of sharks. Additionally, there are five types of orca whales, as well as two varieties of orangutans, and the zoo hosts breeding programs for elephants, lions, tigers, cheetahs, etc.

San diego zoo address: 2920 Zoo Dr, San Diego, CA 92101

6. La Jolla

La Jolla is an ocean front community with fine dining, golfing, and spectacular views of ocean scenery. It also has upscale restaurants and boutiques and is definitely a must-do if you enjoy more luxurious outings. During various times of the year, you’ll even get to enjoy seeing seals and sea lions resting in the sands.

7. Embarcadero

This beautiful harbor-front is lined with shopping, restaurants, and interesting sights. You could spend nearly all day here and probably still not see everything that there is to do here! You can also get on a tour boat and go whale watching! There is even a small maritime museum there as well, which has a lot of fun and interactive exhibits for both adults and children!

8. The USS Midway Museum

This museum is actually located in a giant aircraft carrier. The old Vietnam boat is sitting in the harbor of the Embarcadero and is open to visitors. If you love history and old ships, then this museum tour will truly be one of a kind! You’ll get to explore a ton of various areas of the ship as well as listen to snippets of old audio from the men who manned the boat.

The USS Midway museum was built during World War II, with the hope of being the home of the Navy’s future carriers. Many people visit the museum for tours and also to view some of the historic artifacts on display. Many military personnel have come to the museum from all over the United States and from all parts of the world to take part in some of the exhibits.

9. Harper’s Topiary Garden

If you love things that are whimsical and magical, then you need to check out Harper’s Topiary Garden! This gorgeous garden is lined with so many different creations and it’s as if the plants are telling a story. The garden continues to grow as well, which makes it more and more fun. You could go and explore it today, and next year it will have changed. You want to be sure to bring your camera to this place as well. Your friends and family won’t believe that such an incredible garden can exist.

10. Lemon Grove

This place is a huge hit if you’re into the weird and bizarre. At Lemon Grove, you can see an unusually giant-sized lemon, as well as…mummies. You can explore a strange museum there with a number of oddities. You probably won’t find it on any normal list of must-do things in San Diego, but we had to add it to our list! Afterall, odd things can be pretty darn cool.

11. Little Italy

Little Italy in san diego, this place is brimming with all kinds of things to do! You’ll fid a variety of restaurants and cafes here, all sorts of unique shopping, you’ll find some amazing breweries, and beautiful sights! It’s a wonderful place to go explore or even just to sit and read a book.

12. Petco Park

Kids will love all there is to see and do in Petco Park! This massive stadium is not only huge, but beautiful as well. Surrounded by palm trees and fountains, it feels like something very special and it absolutely is. Inside, there have a ton of activities for children to get involved in! There is also some really unique history for the adults to enjoy. There is also typical stadium food too, and who doesn’t love that! It’s a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.

Petco Park was originally built in 1988 by the MLB Baseball San Diego team, but has since been expanded to include an additional 6 acres of space for baseball and other events. This venue is known for its capacity for holding large crowds of people. The seating area has plenty of space for fans of all ages. The seats have been specifically designed for high comfort and durability. The field is covered with a clear protective netting that protects players from injury and allows for a safe environment for the game.

13. Coronado Beach

Pack a picnic, because you’re never going to want to leave this beach! Coronado sands glisten almost like no other beach’s sand can do. This is because of the high mica content. It practically sparkles though and it gives the beach a really unique vibe and atmosphere. At Coronado, you can swim or picnic on the beach. There is also bike riding and surfing too. It’s the perfect place to soak up some sun!

A few popular tourist destinations that are located right on the beach include the San Diego Zoo, the Sea Life Park, and the La Jolla Playhouse. The zoo is perfect for families who want to take a trip into the natural world. There are many different exhibits that you can enjoy at the Sea Life Park, so you and your family will get the experience you are looking for while you are in California. The La Jolla Playhouse is an attraction that you and your family will enjoy every time that you are visiting this area.

14. San Diego Model Railroad Museum

If you’re a railroad/train enthusiast, then this museum will make your heart so very happy! At the San Diego Model Railroad Museum, you’ll learn all about the history of railroads and even model railroads too. The exhibits there are also changing frequently, so guests are urged to return. There is always something new and wonderful going on here.

Is an amazing model railroad exhibit at the San Diego Museum of Art located at the corner of 1st Avenue South and State Street. The museum is also one of the premier model railroading museums in North America, as well as one of the most visited exhibits in the United States. At over 27,000 square feet, it’s the biggest such exhibit in North America and among the largest indoor model train show in the World. The museum is housed on the upper level of the Casa De Balboa Building in Balboa Park.

15. Spruce Street Suspension Bridge

If you’re afraid of heights, this exhibit might not be for you. But, if you don’t mind some incredible views and a little danger, then you’ll absolutely love the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge. This bridge suspends over a giant canyon and the view is absolutely incredible. The bridge is pretty long so you’ll have a lot of time to enjoy it and take it all in. The high winds can often times make the bridge sway though, so it isn’t for the faint of heart. But, if you’re daring enough to get up there, the scenery is sure to wow you!

16. Lucha Libre Taco Shop

This novelty restaurant not only serves incredible Mexican cuisine, but it is surrounded by “Lucha libre” décor! You can even enjoy a Mexican wrestling movie playing on their TVs. It is a really unique and fun atmosphere to be in. It’s unlike any other restaurant you’ve been to! The restaurant even has a gold “champions booth” that you can reserve. It’s a ton of fun for the kids.

17. Space Invaders

So, this isn’t necessarily an exact place or even a town. But, it’s definitely something fun to do in San Diego! A street graffiti artist, known as OBEY, often leaves little graffiti paintings of tiled alien creatures. If you are an 80’s kid, then you certainly recall the old 80’s games, like Space Invaders, and recognize the old tiling-esque art. Well, if you look closely around San Diego, you’ll find these little graffiti paintings on the sides of various buildings or even street lamps. You never know where one might pop up! So, take a look around while you’re there! It can certainly become quite the scavenger hunt if you want it to be!

18. The Sherriff’s Museum

Here, you can learn all about law enforcement! You can walk through time learning all about the law in the old west, and how it has evolved throughout the years. This museum has some seriously fun exhibits, old romantic western props and décor, and you can even watch an acted-out crime scene and then follow clues to solve the case! It’s tons of fun and really unique. Kids and adults will have a blast here!

19. Villa Montezuma

This spooky, historical mansion has been turned into somewhat of a museum these days. It was built back in 1887 and is now said to be haunted. You can take a tour inside and explore the old mansion and it’s eerie, old architecture. Many locals claim that you can feel wind where there shouldn’t be any and some even claim they’ve seen strange things inside the mansion. It is also known for its secret passageways and scary, unexplainable sounds.

20. San Diego Museum of Art

This museum is full of some of the most gorgeous and inspiring works of art. You’re bound to be swept away at everything this museum has to offer. They serve up some luxurious evening cocktails there and even host the occasional fun event for children.

The San Diego Museum of Art has an impressive collection of modern, contemporary art by prominent local and international artists. The museum holds an important place among the galleries of San Diego. The main exhibitions held at the museum are: The Museum of Contemporary Art, The Museum of Fine Arts, The Museum of Modern Art, The Art Institute of San Diego County and The Art Institute of San Francisco County.

21. Belmont Park

This has got to be one of the most fun amusement parks around! You’ll find all kinds of games, attractions, and rides! It’s like the carnival came through, only they never left! Make sure to try their cotton candy too! You won’t always find the average flavors.

22. San Diego Air and Space Museum

This awesome museum isn’t only unique, but it’s an absolute blast for both adults and children! It has many different exhibits, many of which are interactive! There is even a flight simulator and a 4 dimensional movie that will seem scarily real, like you’re actually living in it!

San Diego Air and Space Museum are a great aviation and space history museum located in San Diego, CA, United States. The museum is situated in Balboa Park in downtown San Diego and is housed inside the former Ford building, which has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places since 1965. The museum features artifacts from many historical periods including space shuttles and early NASA programs. In addition to these artifacts, the museum also provides free tours and educational activities for its visitors. The San Diego museum provides many hands-on exhibits that are intended to inspire people. Visitors who visit this aviation history museum often leave feeling inspired about the future of space travel.

23. Gaslamp Quarter

This little street is brimming with so much to do and to see! Here you will find some really unique and fun shopping, you’ll find spas and places to get pampered, you’ll find an assortment of restaurants all selling different cuisine and desserts, and you’ll come across breweries as well! This little street is always loud and full of music. A Comic-Con happens here once a year, as well as a large Mardi-Gras celebration! It is an exciting and fun little strip to explore. We guarantee you won’t ever get bored here!

24. Birch Aquarium

This aquarium of full of exciting sea life, beautiful ocean décor, and so many lovely colors. It paints such a romantic view of the oceans and all of its wildlife. You’ll get to enjoy different exhibits, and even learn about what climate change is doing to our sea life. Both adults and children can have fun here.

Birch Aquarium in San Diego is an aquatic facility and outreach center for the University of San Diego’s Scripp’s Institution of Oceanography. It was built in 1998 to provide a facility for scientists and researchers to conduct research on marine animals in an aquatic setting. This facility also features a saltwater aquarium and several other facilities that enable scientists to conduct studies in this special environment. Birch Aquarium is also home to many marine animals including rays, whales, turtles and dolphins that live among sea life and mingle with the other inhabitants of this marine research center.

25. PSA Flight 182 Crash Landing Sight

On September 25, 1978, two planes collided over this San Diego town and tragically crash landed! Many were either killed or injured. Today, the sight is still there and many of the locals meet up there on the anniversary to honor the fallen.

26. Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

If you’re looking for a spot that isn’t full of locals or tourists and is as little off the beaten path, then the Torrey Pines State Natural Park is where you need to go! This area is on a huge plateau, surrounded by neighboring cliffs, with beautiful views of the wide-open ocean below! You can admire the endangered Torrey Pines which only grow in that area as well as whale watch! You can also picnic here too, if you want. But it’s the view that is sure to sweep you off of your feet.

The Torrey Pine State Reserve was established in 1970. It’s name comes from an island where the park is situated, and a mountain which overlooks it. It consists of two small lakes, a small stream, and a large open field. It is believed that Native Americans called the land Torrey Pine, meaning “mountain of pine.” It’s a great place for a picnic, to go hiking, or just simply enjoy the sights of the nearby ocean. It is also considered the home of a variety of unique species, such as the spotted owls and the Mexican painted turtle.

27. Torrey Pines Gliderport

Still in the Torrey Pines area, not too far off, is an open area where many go to handglide or parasail. Even if you have no experience in these activities, but still want to try, there are trained professionals who will tandem with you! You can go here for the fun sport activities or simply enjoy more spectacular ocean scenery.

28. Spreckles Organ Pavilion

Pavilions can be fun in their own right. You can socialize, or picnic, soak up some sun. But this pavilion offers a little something more, and that is a giant organ! It also happens to be the largest outdoor pipe organ in the whole world.

The first thing you will want to do upon arrival is to grab a map of the location and head over to the Visitor’s Center. Here, you will find detailed information about the history of the place, as well as information on what to expect during your stay. You may even learn more about the many different types of musical instruments that are housed here. You’ll be able to watch live music performances by professional local and touring bands, and even get the chance to experience the unique and beautiful sound of a local fiddle player.

29. The San Diego Museum of Man

This museum easily has to be one of the most unique in the world! It is a museum of man and his inception through time, as well as other beats…like unicorns, the kraken, the yeti, and so forth. This museum has strange but enlightening exhibits and you’ll be so entertained to be here! It is educational, but also a little bit silly and fun. You might just be surprised by how much you didn’t know that you didn’t know.

30. The San Diego Safari Park

This exciting exhibit is exactly what it sounds like! It’s an off chute of the zoo, but it’s really so much more. Here you can ride on a road train through 1,800 acres of land. You’ll get an up close and personal view of lions, antelope, and so much more. Just like an authentic African safari, you’ll be completely immersed in adventure!

The San Diego Safari Park was founded in 1960 by the American Safari Club and Friends. The Safari Park hosts a wide variety of activities for visitors to participate in. Visitors can go on a free tour and walk around on the zoo grounds. The zoo also features an extensive nature preserve complete with a small park playground, a wildlife center, and a fish pond. All of the exhibits at the Safari Park are open daily, with a portion of the day reserved for special events. Visitors can also book tickets to the park for a longer stay. There are also several hotels in the area.

31. Old Mission Dam

This dam is very old and very rooted in history. Most of the locals could tell you the stories about the old dam and about its history. Most of the dam is closed off to visitors, but there are still some areas of the dam that you can visit. It’s actually quite beautiful and enjoyable to check out.

32. Borrego Springs

This bizarre but beautiful park is a rather hidden gem and mostly only known to locals. But the art you will see here is truly spectacular and one of a kind. You can be walking along and suddenly you’ll spot a giant dragon statue or a sloth. The unique, standing art is truly incredible to view and should not be missed!

33. Old Point Loma Lighthouse

One of the oldest standing buildings in San Diego, this lighthouse was built in 1885! It has been restored since then but has stayed true to its original design. You can go inside and check out the keeper’s very own living quarters, service equipment and log books. You can even mess around with some of the lighthouse’s old mechanisms and lenses.

The Old Point Loma lighthouse is a historic lighthouse located at the bottom of the Point Loma Peninsula in the north end of San Diego County in the Bay of San Francisco. It is located in the National Park. It was built by the United States Army at the request of the California government. It was later placed into service as the first public lighthouse in the city of San Francisco in 1855. It was eventually abandoned as an active lighthouse in 1900 and became a museum.

34. The Point Loma Tide Pools

This is a fun place to visit if you enjoy getting to see sea life up close and personal. The tide comes in and leaves behind many small sea critters and you might just get lucky enough to spot some. Many say they see starfish and shore crabs and even the occasional octopus. It is a fun little area to explore. You’ll come across caves and really pretty views. Be sure to have adequate swimming experience though. There are no lifeguards around the area so you’ll need to be a good swimmer to explore this area

35. Seaport Village

This little village is right beside the beach and has some of the best seafood around! If you’re a fan of clam chowder, you’ll definitely want to stop by here! You get to enjoy live music, the occasional pop-up shops, a beautiful carousel, and an enjoyable atmosphere by the sea.

36. Mission Trails Regional Park

If you are looking for a nice, quiet place for hikes and scenery, then the Mission Trails Regional Park is the place to be! You’ll find panoramic views of the woods, wildlife, flora and fauna, and even ponds across the trails here. You’ll find a variety of different trails too, so no matter what kind of hiker you are, you should be able to find a trail that suits you. They even have trails for horseback riding as well!

37. Comic-Con

This annual event is an absolute must-do! If you love comics, movies, anime, or games, then this event will be sure to excite! Taking place at the San Diego convention center, this once a year event is chalked full of food, games, shopping, people in costumes, and even celebrities!!!

38. Harbor Island Sunset Cruise

This cruise takes place during the evening and you’ll get to watch the sunset and take in that incredible view from the comfort of a cruise boat! Food and drinks are provided and you even get to enjoy whale watching! This cruise can be fun for the whole family!

39. Mt. Soledad Veteran’s Memorial Park

This is a must-see for all visitors who come to San Diego! This moment is not only enormous, but stunning to see! On this monument, you’ll find names of all who have served in our armed forces. It is a beautiful tribute to our brave men and women!

The Mt. Solfedad Veterans Memorial Park is located on the northern edge of San Diego and is a must see if you are a member of The American Legion and have family members who have served in the Armed Services. “In remembrance of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, the memorial park pays tribute to the heroes of our nation. It’s the only memorial that honors veterans from the Revolutionary to today’s war on terror.”

40. Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park has some truly incandescently beautiful scenery. You’ll enjoy panoramic views of the beach, the sunsets, and all of the wildly gorgeous colors of the earth and dirt that surrounds this area. It is a fantastic place to picnic or just take some really spectacular photos!

Cabrillo National Monument

Cabrillo National Monument, also known as Cabo San Lucas National Park is situated at the top of San Diego, in the southern part of the San Francisco Peninsula. It commemorates the first landing of Spanish explorer Juan Rodríguez Cabrillos in San Diego Harbor on September 28, 1482. This area was once occupied by the Aztec empire and has been a popular spot for tourists since time immemorial. The Cabrillo National Park features many historical monuments and museums to provide visitors with an in-depth study about this historical place. There are different ways of getting around and one of them is a guided trip through the park. You can choose from a variety of tour guides to take you around the different sites and get you acquainted with the history of this place and its rich cultural heritage.

San Diego Cruise

San Diego Cruise is perfect for families, couples and groups who want a great cruise. San Diego offers the luxury of having one of their boats that can accommodate all of your travel arrangements. The variety of different San Diego Cruises will enable you to find one that suits your needs.

The Hotel del Coronado

The Hotel del Coronado is a well-known landmark in San Diego, California. It sits on the scenic shores of Pacific Beach. The Hotel is a great spot for beach vacations, but the resort also offers great lodging options as well. If you are looking for a great place to stay and want to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable, you should stay at this Hotel. When you stay at this hotel, you will have access to luxurious amenities, an outdoor pool, and a full service spa that give you a relaxing, rejuvenating experience every time you step out of your room.

The Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum of San Diego is a fascinating collection of ancient ships and artifacts that are of historical interest to any visitor to the region. The Maritime Museum, founded in 1948, houses one of the largest, if not the largest, collection of historically-preserved sea vessels from the United States. Located on the western edge of the Pacific Ocean, the grand centerpiece of the collection is the Sea Venture, an eighteen-hundred-ton wooden sea vessel. This impressive ship served as a passenger ship and merchant vessel on behalf of the Dutch West Indies Company.

Seaport Village

San Diego Seaport Village is an outdoor entertainment complex situated on the south end of the San Diego Bay, just north of downtown San Diego. The complex is designed around the design philosophy of combining the best features of a small city with the luxury of a large resort. The complex consists of a large, open-air swimming pool, two restaurants, a golf course, a marina and an indoor spa. It also includes a clubhouse, a shopping center, an arcade, and several water sports.

The Old Globe Theatre

The Old Globe Theatre Company is based on the principals of theatre as a public service. Each year they strive to make this beautiful area beautiful and more enjoyable for the locals and visitors to the area. The plays produced by the Old Globe Theatre Company feature unique and exciting characters to the people of San Diego County. These characters have historical significance to the people of San Diego County and to the entire United States. The shows are often set against an authentic backdrop such as a historic mission or historic ship. The plays are usually written by well-known authors with many awards and recognitions to their name.

Convention center

Seaworld at San Diego

SeaWorld San Diego is a marine wildlife park, marine aquarium, natural marine environment and marine animal theme park located on the southern part of the city, within Mission Bay Park, on the Pacific Ocean. It is the most visited destination of the residents in Southern California and is also known as the largest marine aquarium in the United States. The Aquatica or SeaWorld in San Diego has over 5 million people visiting it each year. The park has over three thousand marine creatures and more than thirty-two miles of shoreline.

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