50 Best Places & Things to do around the world 2021

These 50 Best Places & Things to do around the world 2021 include:

5 Places to Visit in Finland

Finland is a less popular country in the corner of Europe, yet very attractive and ideal to visit. Is a large country to explore and rich in nature and history.

Whether you come during summer or winter, there are many fun activities that individuals can engage in.

For many individuals, their goal is to reach Helsinki. However, there are lots of more exciting places to visit beyond the city. These places include:


Porvoo is the second oldest town in Finland. If interested in history, be sure to encounter most of it in the town.

Is famous for its unique and picturesque old wooden houses. The majority of wooden architecture was constructed in the 19th century.

As you walk down the streets of Porvoo town, you get to experience the landmarks and structures dating to the 13th century.

When touring Porvoo, you will experience the famous Porvoo Cathedral built in the 11th century. Moreover, the Porvoo Museum is a great place to visit and explore the town’s culture, history, and heritage. The town has a great restaurant to enjoy local dishes.

Helsinki Churches

To many people, visiting Finland means exploring the Helsinki churches. Of the three churches in Helsinki, two are the cathedral (Lutheran cathedral and Uspensky), while the third (church in the rock) is built on modern design.

The city was built based on a Russian model of 1812. The two cathedrals attract a lot of Russian population and visitors across the globe.

The Lutheran cathedral appears to be very large and close, such that it looks like it’s standing on top of the roof, offering beautiful scenery.

The Uspensky cathedral rises on the east above the sea harbor. Moreover, its interiors glow with gold, crosses, altars, icons, and unique decorative.

Lake Saimaa

Lake Saimaa is one of the best places to visit while in Finland. The East of Finland is mostly covered with sea, with thousands of lakes, ponds, marshes, and

Is the largest lake in the region.

Locals refer to Lake Saimaa as a “lake of a thousand islands.”. The lake is arguable the home of 1400 islands.

During the winter period, the lake freezes, making it a perfect playground for snowshoeing and skating. There are fancy restaurants and the lack where you can enjoy beautiful lake sceneries and unique local dishes.


Savonlinna is a small city in Finland famous for immense historic sites. The city is located at the heart of Lake Saimaa Islands. Some of the historic sceneries to visit include St. Olaf’s Castle and Olavinlinna, built in the 15th century.

Moreover, you could visit Kerimäki, the biggest wooden church in the World.

Additionally, Savonlinna contains the Savonlinna Provincial Museum and the Orthodox Museum, which are rich in history, heritage, and Finland’s culture.

Northern lights in inari lake, Lapland

Many people visit Finland intending to see the Northern Lights. For some, this is a one-time rare experience. Finland is arguably the leading country to see the blazing curtains of like.

Although the lights can be seen in most southern parts of Finland, the Inari lake region provides the best view.

5 Best Places to Visit in Ireland

If you are looking for some of the best places to visit in Ireland, then you’ve come to the right place.

There are so many beautiful things to do and see when you travel to this wonderful country, here are some of the best places to visit in Ireland:

Cliffs of Moher

Cliff of Moher should be your first stop when exploring the beautiful sceneries in Ireland. It’s located on the west coast of Ireland adjacent to the Liscannor village.

Activities on the Cliffs of Moher.

  • Climb the O’Brien’s Tower: O’Brien’s tower is near the entrance of the visitor’s center in the cliffs of Moher, built in the 19th century.  
  • The Visitor’s Center: The visitors Centre is classy, filled with geological and historical exhibits, also has a gift shop and cafe.
  • Wild Life Viewing: There’s a variety of wildlife in the cliffs of Moher, and there’s a designated area for breeding seabirds. He could come across falcons puffins Kitty Wakes and Peregrine.

2.Killarney National Park

Killarney national park is the oldest in Ireland. The park encompasses diverse ecology, such as the Oak and Woodlands, mountain peaks, and the Lakes of Killarney.

You can also view the native red deers. There are surfaced trucks along the knockrear, Rhode Island, and Muckross to walk or cycle on.

Besides the natural sceneries, there are Mansions and farms such as the Muckross House and Gardens, a mansion owned by one Guinness family member. It has hosted very respectable guests, including Queen Victoria.


The first thing to do in Dingle is to take a scenic drive around the Dingle Peninsula.  Dingle Peninsula on the hem of the wild Atlantic Way.

There are different routes to choose from; the sleigh head drive and the conorpass. Other activities include taking a hike up Mount Brandon, visiting the inch beach, exploring the amazing seafood, visiting the Great Blasket Island, and going to the Irish pubs with a traditional setup.

You cannot say that you have enjoyed the most out of Dingle without visiting the Dingle whiskey distillery.

4.Galway City Centre

Galway city is an amazing place to visit for its Rolling Hills, the rugged coastline, the art, the culture, the food, and the drinks. For the Arts and Culture, there’s the gallery cultural city that holds a Festival called the Galway Arts Festival, mostly in July.

Historical buildings in Galway city Centre are; the 14 tribes of Galway, the Spanish arch Galway, Cathedral of the Eyes Square, Lynch Castle Galway City Courthouse, and the collegiate church of Saint Nicholas.    

Everybody loves a taste of unique delicacies. Galway city is just a place for you to explore the seafood. You’ll get the freshest fish and oysters.

Please take advantage of the Galway international oyster seafood festival in September each year and have the best of it.

5.Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle a medieval historical site near Cork County. If you go to Ireland for a trip, you must tick the box of kissing the Blarney Stone.

A legend says that if you kiss the Blarney Stone, it grants you the power of eloquence, and you will never be at a loss of words. Kissing the mystical Blarney stone is done when you’re hanging upside down over a part of the Castles Tower. You can also explore the castles by taking a walk around the arboretum, the front garden, and if you’re a plant person, you can explore the poison garden or the Rock close.

5 Best Things to do in Laos

Laos is a country located in the Southeastern part of Asia traversed by the River Mekong. It is also known for its French colonial architecture, mountainous terrain, and Buddhist monasteries.

Even without a coastline, the forests and waterfalls in the country will leave you with many fun outdoor activities to engage in.

1. Vientiane

Vientiane is the capital city of Laos and the smallest capital city in Southeast Asia. Even if it looks like a small town with not many tourists, it is one of the most beautiful cities in Southeast Asia.

Being one of the French colonies in the past, Vientiane has many French architecture and cuisines even today.

There are also other beautiful attractions all over Vientiane, the main ones being the beautiful victory arch, Patuxai, and the most important Buddhist temple, Wat Si Saket.

There are also a lot of breathtaking cafes and restaurants along the Mekong on the boulevard, There is a Buddha Park 25 kilometers from the city, which has 200 Buddha statues, which is a fantastic place to walk.

2. Luang Prabang

Lying on the Khan and Mekong rivers, this is considered Laos’ cultural heart with its gorgeous Buddhist temples and colonial architecture in the city center, which is a World Heritage Site.

If you are looking for relaxation, luxury, and a taste of Laos’s culture, this is the place to visit. You get to experience the beautiful landscape and watch the sunset on a river cruise.

You can take a hike to the Kuang Si waterfalls or take a stroll through the serene town center for other outdoor activities.

3. Vang Vieng

Located between Luang Prabang and Vientiane, Vang Vieng is among the popular destinations for backpacker parties. It is famous for its loud parties, varieties of drinks, and “tubing.”

The caves and karst hills around the city make it perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and rock climbing.

4. Si Phan Don Islands

Being a landlocked country, it is strange to hear that Laos is Home to Si Phan Don Islands, which translates to four thousand islands in Lao.

The Mekong River creates these islands as it disappears near the Laos Cambodia border.  

The Islands ‘sizes differ, which gives you an option to choose the size most suitable for you. Bigger islands like Don Det and Don Khon give you wider accommodation options and more nightlife.

There are also choose smaller islands like Don Khong, which will help you get off the busy cities. You can also engage in activities such as fishing, cycling, and hiking to the beautiful waterfalls.

5. Nong Khiaw

Situated between the lush rainforest and mountains, the beautiful Nong Khiaw is a few hours to Laos’s north. It is also called Nong Kiau. Being a river village, it has a magnificent Chinese bridge connecting its two sides.

There are numerous activities that you can while relaxing away from the busy and noisy city life. You can go hiking or trekking or go biking around the beautiful villages surrounding the main town.

Situated on the Nam Ou River, you can get there by boat, which allows you to take in all the beauty Nong Khiaw has to offer. The landscape, which is covered by limestone caves and karst formations, are also some of the great attractions of Nong Kiau.

5 Best Places to Visit in Kenya

The republic of Kenya is a country located in East Africa that is known for its wildlife preserves and breathtaking landscapes. West of Kenya is filled with lakes  and rivers while the north has deserts. The diverse wildlife in Kenya includes cheetahs, lions and elephants.

Kenya is a place that thousands of people each year come to visit. The top 5 locations to visit in Kenya are Masai Mara, Amboseli National Park, Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha and Mombasa.

Masai Mara

The Masai Mara National Reserve is one of Kenya’s oldest safari destinations that occupies the length of nearly 600 square miles. Moreover, it is one of Africa’s top wildlife destinations for tourists. In Masai Mara, there is a massive population of lions, leopards, cheetahs and rhinos.

Every July, the Great Migration comes to the national reserve and stay for four months. In Masai Mara, the ancient culture is rooted in the love for warriors, strength and manhood. The Masai people often are seen wearing red robes and beaded jewelry as they follow cattle herds, search sources of water and settle in a new land.

Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park is a popular location in Kenya that is known as the home of the African elephants. It is located in Kajiado County, which is within Southern Kenya.

The name, Amboseli, originates from the word Empusel, which means salty or dry place. Amboseli National Park has underground streams that run from the melting icecaps on Kili to the park.

Attracting diverse creatures

It preserves the environment, attracting diverse creatures. The size of the park is only 392 km² which enable tourists to sightsee the entire park within two days.

The landscape of Amboseli National Park has low vegetation and open grass plains. Tourists will frequently see various animals such as hyenas, giraffes, elephant and cheetahs.

Lake Nakuru

Founded in 1961, Lake Nakuru is located at the bottom of the Great Rift Valley. The area is surrounded with trees and bushy grasslands. One of Lake Nakuru’s most significant attractions is the pink flamingos.

Up to two million flamingos can be seen feeding around the shores of the shallow lake. This 180 km² safari is mainly home to baboons, warthogs, impalas and waterbucks. Other animals that have been seen at Lake Nakuru are leopards and rhinos.

Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha is the highest lake within Rift Valley that extends 1884m above sea level. The area that the freshwater lake resides is filled with cacti, grassy banks and sand olive trees. Lake Naivasha is north west of the capital Nairobi.

A vast amount of diverse wildlife co-exists within the area. There are various hippos and species of fish within the waters. In addition, there are 400 different species of birds such as Fish Eagles, Great Cormorants, Long-tailed and Pelicans.


Mombasa is known as the white and blue city of Kenya. This city is located and founded on an island which is on the coast of the Indian Ocean. Over the years, Mombasa has been turned into a trading hub between China, India, the Middle East and Europe. This is Kenya’s main tourist location.

Mombasa can be divided into four parts which are Mvita, Changamwe, Kisauni and Likoni. Mvita is the island that Mombasa resides in.

There are street food stands, shops and other public areas to see. Changamwe, however, is the gateway to the city. In this area, tourists can expect to see the international airport and chemistry industry plants.

Kisauni is similar to Mvita because of the places that tourists can visit.

In fact, here at Kisauni there are sand beaches, luxury hotels and vacation houses. Finally, Likoni is known for Shelly Beach which is a large sand beach. Tourists can travel to Likoni by ferry. Be sure to visit Kenya’s most famous locations today!

5 Best Places to Visit in Bulgaria

Then planning a trip to Bulgaria, there are several things you can do. The location has several things to do. Bulgaria boasts of several historical sites where you can visit with family and get to learn several things.

Apart from the several historical sites, the beautiful coastlines will offer you the best opportunity to play by the beaches.

There are several accommodation facilities where you can get the best experience. When it comes to tourism, you will never feel let down after you decide to visit Bulgaria. It is a country with many things to get engaged.

1. Veliko Tarnovo

The small city is located in central Bulgaria. It is the home of Tsarevets Fortress. The city is also referred to as Tsars’ city because it was once home to the Tsars. It is enclosed by a 1000 meters stone wall to enhance security.

The wall offers 360-degree views of the surrounding area. Stepping on the viewpoints, you will get to enjoy several attractive views.

2. Cathedral Saint Aleksandar Nevski

The cathedral represents St. Alexander Nevsky in Sofia. The Bulgarian orthodox cathedral is available at the capital of Bulgaria, where you can visit and learn about the place’s history. The neo-Byzantine style cathedral will remind you of the Bulgarian history.

It is the cathedral church of the patriarch of Bulgaria. The church is believed to be the first largest by volume in the world.

3. Burgas, Bulgaria

The beautiful seasoned town can be the perfect place where you can go and relax. There are several lakes nearby where you can organize water activities. The 20th-century town has several attractions that will keep you engaged the time you will be in Bulgaria. Most of the beaches at the location are quite. It is the perfect place where you can go to relax your mind.

4. Plovdiv

It is the oldest and largest continuous city occupied in Europe. There are several historical landmarks you will encounter along the way as you visit the city. Some of the things you will enjoy in the city include the Roman Amphitheater that has several churches. It is also an attractive place where you can get to enjoy food and wine. The location has several features that make it very attractive for tourists. You will meet several other people from different parts of the world who are ready to explore nature. It stands out as a historic town.

5. Nessebar Bulgaria

The location has beautiful ruins and superb beaches. It is situated on the island and connected to the mainland, where you will get to enjoy your free time when in Bulgaria. Several churches in the location make it stand out from the rest. Several beaches along the Black sea coast will make it very attractive. People interested in history will find a lot to learn at the location. They are among the best places where you can goad n enjoy your free time. The destination has several features to keep you busy the whole day.

5 Best Destinations to Visit in Portugal

For most people that have traveled to Portugal for vacation, it is perhaps one of their favorite destinations. It has some of the best foods, great people, and amazing coastlines. It is hard for anyone that has been to Portugal to find a reason not to love the country. For those that are yet to experience Portugal, it can be confusing and daunting when it comes to planning your next adventure in the country.

Finding the ideal destination or place to visit in the country can be quite confusing as they all make for great destinations.

For some people, this should not be a problem if Portugal is a great country since you are bound to have a great experience regardless of where you travel to.

That is however far from the case since every part of the country has something different to offer and some are better than others. It is for this reason that we have highlighted some of the best parts to visit during your trip to Portugal. Read on for more.


Starting your tour of Portugal in the capital, Lisbon, is the best way for you to kick off a journey of great experiences due to the convenience it offers. It also offers insight into the details of the country and the people of Portugal.

Perched on the hills, Lisbon boasts the warmness associated with the Mediterranean climate combined with great food culture. It is a big city and it is, therefore, not short of places to visit. It has well-developed and networked public transport systems meaning that getting around should not be a challenge for visitors.


It is impossible to miss one of the most iconic and popular Portuguese cities. Porto features an astoundingly original riverside and medieval past which makes it one of the prettiest cities you can visit in Western Europe.

This combined with the history of the city makes it a great destination for anyone touring Portugal.


Madeira offers a climate almost similar to that experienced during spring. The island is one of the best vacation destinations for people traveling to the European continent. It boasts great natural scenery, high mountains, and characteristic tropical forests.

The people in Madeira are hospitable and welcoming and a reflection of the nature of the Portuguese people. For people after relaxation, Madeira is a great place to be as it offers great hotels, an exciting social climate, a great climate, and good value for money.


Ericeira is a fishing village a few minutes north of the Portuguese capital. It is an exciting destination for people interested in surfing but it has often been ignored by vacationers.

If you have a passion for surfing or you are considering learning, this is a place you need to visit when you visit Portugal. It also offers a great environment for relaxation as it does not offer much to see or do.


Carvoeiro is nothing more than a midsized village on the western side of Algarve. Most of the accommodation areas in the center of the village offer great sea views. On the outskirts, you get to enjoy high-end villas that are more suitable for people traveling as a family or a group.

5 Best Things to Do in Australia

Australia, the Land of Oz!

Is well known for its natural beauty and has so much to offer for visitors and tourists.

The country has more to offer than simply adventure sports and scenic landscapes. There are many vibrant cities like Melbourne and Sydney to visit.

If you are a beach lover then you will have miles of pristine beaches to explore, and for those who enjoy eating out there are thousands of great restaurants and cafes that get rave reviews from all sorts of foodies and chefs. but for this article these are the 5 Best Things to Do in Australia.

The Great Barrier Reef

Snorkel dive, or swim the Great Barrier Reef. It is located off the coast of Queensland in the Coral Sea. With 900 islands and over 2,900 reefs, it is the world’s largest coral reef system and can be seen from space. The reef is built by billions of coral polyps and has a wide diversity of life.

The Great Barrier Reef has been named one of the seven natural wonders of the world and a World Heritage Site.

Your next adventure will take you to the south-eastern coast and an Australian National Heritage, Great Ocean Road.

Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road was built by soldiers between 1919 and 1932. Stretching 243 kilometres, it is the world’s largest war memorial in honor of soldiers killed in World War I. Famous for being one of the most scenic drives; it will take you around 9.5 hours to drive straight through, or you can do a three day self driving tour.


which is also known as Ayers Rock. Uluru is a large sandstone rock outside of Alice Springs. Uluru is believed to have formed approximately 550 million years ago. It is sacred to the aboriginal people in Anangu.

Uluru is a World Heritage Site in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, which includes the Kata Tjuta formation, 36 red-rock domes. Here you can learn about aboriginal culture and explore rock caves, waterholes, springs, and ancient paintings.

Kakadu National Park

Photo by Territory Expeditions

This park is in the Northern Territory, within Alligator Rivers Region. Kakadu National Park is almost half the size of Switzerland and full of biodiversity nature.

Kakadu is home to over 5,000 recorded prehistoric aboriginal rock art sites. There are archaeological sites showing occupation for possible up to 40,000 years by the Aboriginals.

Photo by
Territory Expeditions

The park’s sandstone, river, and wetlands are home to more than 2,000 plant species. You can go on nature walks alongside of turtles, crocodiles and birds at the Kakadu National Park.

5 Best Things to Do in Albania

Albania is what is known as an “up and comer” in tourist destinations.

Off the beaten path for many years owing to the communist rule over the country, after the fall of the Soviet Union and Albania becoming independent. gradually tourists began to come to this quint region on the Adriatic.

Around 4.7 million visitors come each year, which is still small by number in Europe, being ranked only number 25 of all of Europe’s travel destinations.

But that is changing as the Lonely planet named Albania the number 1 travel destination in Europe, and the New York Times rated the country as the number 4 tourist destination in Europe.

With its warm, Mediterranean climate, interesting history, relatively uncrowded beaches, ancient castles and mosques, and friendly people, more are more people are discovering the delights of this Mediterranean country.

Here are 5 of the Best Things to do.

#1. Go to the beach in Dhermi

Derhmi beaches in the Southern Coastal area is the jewel of countries’ beaches. Dhermi is where the young people flock in the summer to get a tan, socialize, and party.

There is also a lively and pulsating nightlife scene which makes a trip to Dhermi very attractive.

The beaches are uncrowded, the water turquoise blue. and there is plenty of delicious, unique cuisine to enjoy.

#2. Visit Saranda

Not far from Dhermi, Saranda is a distinctly cosmopolitan town. Though there are beaches and national parks nearby, probably the highlight for most people is to visit

Lekuresi Castle.

A ruined castle built-in 1537, it has been partially restored and offers stunning views of the entire area. Saranda, with around 33,000 people is a delight for a relaxed, cosmopolitan visit with and “old town” mix.

#3. Visit Berat

One of the larger cities in the country Berat houses a mix of architecture from various cultural influences from several civilizations that have managed to coexist for centuries throughout the history of the nation.

Wildly regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the country,  and the Balkans, Berat is sometimes called the “City of Windows” because of the beautiful houses that sit on hillside buildings, packed one next to the other like sardines.

Berat houses plenty of old mosques and  Byzantine churches and a lovely Castle, but for many, the best thing about Berat are the local wineries which dot the city.

Barat is indeed a lovely town.

#4. Butrint National Park

Photo by Julien Maury Follow Roman Theater

If 2500-year-old history is your thing,  Butrint National Park is best described as crumbling ruins nestled in the forest with bright blue waters surrounding.

Surrounding the parks are lagoon and mountains, making the place stunning to visit and a must-see on your trip.  

#5. Tirana

Photo by Some rights reserved by Michael Panse

Once a grey colorless and drab city under communist rule, Tirana, the capital has transformed itself.

With endless bars, cafes, and restaurants to capture and delight you, like most large European cities of 1 million-plus, Tirana has a very vibrant nightlife scene.

There are museums galore, and while definitely not in a category like Paris, Tirana is a lovely place to visit and is one of the best things to do on your trip to the country.

Top Tourist Attractions in Germany

ermany is primarily a Western European nation with an idyllic landscape of plains, lakes, mountains, and green North Sea coastlines.

It has nearly two centuries of historical history. Berlin, the capital, is home to many art and culture scenes, the Brandenburger Tor, a World War II memorial, and the Reichstag, which are the parliament building.


Frankfurt is known for its numerous museums that consist of history, science, and art. You can explore greetings in the city on foot. You can visit frankfurt’s old town center, Stadel Museum, the Palm Garden, and the Frankfurt Cathedral.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber


Berlin cathedral

Today, there are many things to do in Berling which will make your stay in the area very memorable and worth the trip. You can spend your days just relaxing and soaking up the beauty of the surrounding area.

Is one of the more popular towns in Germany and many tourists visit the town on their vacation. It is known for its picturesque landscapes, beautiful lakes and mountains, lovely villages and quaint little shops that sell some of the best German delicacies.

Berling is also known as a place where many famous writers, including Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Reinhold Niebuhr and Kurt Vonnegut.

River spree in berlin with the oberbaumbrucke

Best Time to Visit Berlin

Is between May and October. This is the peak tourist season, with millions of people flocking to the city every year to see the spectacular sights and sounds, meet the exciting people, and sample the many food choices available during the festivities. You can get the best out of your trip during these times.

As you travel the city, be sure to take a walking tour around the streets and see the many sights that are available during the summer.

Once it gets cold, you can head to one of the many outdoor ice skating rinks. If you enjoy ice skating, you will probably have a lot of fun on the ice. You can also try the ice hockey arena.

If you don’t like hockey, you can always try your hand at some other sports like football or volleyball. If you are looking for a romantic evening out, there is no better time than during these festive seasons. With everything available to do during these periods, it’s easy to see why people from all over the world visit Berlin every year.

22 Top things to do in berlin that you cannot miss

Ways to get to Berlin

There are many different ways to get to Berlin. One of the best ways to see the city is by flying into Frankfurt airport. There are direct flights from various European cities into Frankfurt, including Paris, London, and Amsterdam.

If you would prefer a more scenic experience, you can also fly into Cologne airport or Munich’s Schoenefeld Airport. These two airports have good connections to Berlin, with direct flights available from all major cities.

Cologne City

Is located at the western part of Germany on the river Rhine. which is Germany’s third-largest city and one of its most populous areas in Europe.

These city is a major economic center for the entire region and has an enormous number of tourists visiting the city every year, Cologne is one of the top European destinations for tourism and attracts millions of visitors every year to visit this place.

Cologne cathedral aerial

Cologne city is the main attraction of the region as it is one of the major places of attraction in the entire city, Cologne is home to the biggest Gothic cathedral of Europe and it is very famous among all the tourists who travel to Cologne city.

This church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was built around the year 1095. The cathedral offers a lot of fascinating sights for the tourists who visit this city.

Cologne city can be enjoyed by visiting these places. There are several interesting places for you to visit in this city which is a great tourist destination. There are many tourists who come to Cologne to view some of the popular Cologne city sights.

Cologne cathedral river rhine

Cologne City in Germany has a lot to offer travelers who are interested in nature. The city has a number of green parks, which provide a wonderful view of the surrounding landscape and offer a relaxing place to spend time.

While visiting the city, travelers can also try biking, hiking, or trekking through the surrounding forest. In addition, city visitors can go horseback riding in the beautiful Rhine Valley. The city also has a network of cycling and walking paths, which provide easy accessibility to its attractions.

Beautiful cologne gothic cathedral facade

Cologne city can be easily visited by car or train, it is a great place for both sightseeing and shopping. From the major museums of Cologne City to its shopping centre, this city is an outstanding place to visit.

For food lovers Cologne offers some of the best European food in Germany. There are a variety of restaurants for those who want to eat outside. Cologne is a place where one can experience the rich and history of German culture. A major attraction for people in Cologne city is Cologne Cathedral, which is a major landmark in the city.

The Best Time to Visit Cologne

Cologne has a friendly population that welcomes people with a warm smile, irrespective of what the season is. Summers (July to August) are warm and pleasant but they tend to get a little humid. Autumn (September to November) and spring (April to June) are perfect for sightseeing.

25 Best Things to Do in Cologne (Germany)

Sightseeing In Hamburg

Hamburg, an important port city in northern Germany, has been connected with the Baltic Sea since the 13th century. It has been known to attract millions of visitors from across the globe for its famous beer, but there are many more sights to see besides beer in Hamburg.

located near the border of the Netherlands and Belgium, making it accessible from the continent. Many tourists enjoy shopping at the numerous boutiques in the central cluster, which are frequented by locals as well as tourists.

The warehouse district speicherstadt during twilight sunset in hamburg, germany

Hamburg is home to the Elbe River and is connected by hundreds of miles of canals. It has been known to be the second most populated port by the sea in Europe. It is surrounded by many islands, including Lubeck and Ebers.

Its central Jungfernstadt boulevard links the Elbe with the Alster (Old Town), home to many landmarks such as the 18th-century Gothic St. Michael’s Church. From Hamburg’s center, you can also get access to Schoenbrunn Palace, which was the residence of the last Elector of Cologne.

Hamburg is also famous for its medieval architecture. Many churches and cathedrals are found here. A popular landmark is the Augsburg Cathedral, which contains a tower made of glass and made in the Gothic style. The Hamburg Cathedral has a rich history, which dates back to the 9th century.

The best time to visit Hamburg is the months between May and September when 70-degree temps sweep through the city.


Regensburg, an ancient Bavarian town on the River Danube in southwestern Germany, is famous for its beautiful medieval center. The old 12th-century Castle Hill, an icon with 16 imposing arches, dominates the area.

The 17th century Regensburg Church, a two-spired Gothic building, is the home of the Regensburger Domspaten choir. The restored 18th-century Wusthof Palace, the official residence of Emperor Maximilian, is nearby.

Houses along danube river. regensburg, bavaria, germany

Like other medieval towns, Regensburg had a rich tradition of architecture. Many of the buildings date back more than 800 years.

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Regensburg has the third most historic city in Germany, the Regenbogen Tower, an architrave with three floors, is a fascinating example of this era.

The Regenbogen Tower, constructed by German soldiers in the middle of the 15th century, is a popular attraction, the Regenbogen Tower is a good spot for strolling along the river or having a tour around the city. It also provides an opportunity for panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.


in Germany has plenty of things for tourists to do and see, but the most important thing to do is to experience the city.

A visit to the Elbe is an unforgettable experience. When you arrive, you will be surprised to see that the city’s history is just beginning to emerge. So take advantage of this opportunity to see the city as it was when it was still under the rule of the Saxons.

Panorama of opera house in dresden

If you are planning to spend a lot of time in Dresden in Germany, the city’s old center is worth a visit. Its Old Town is a beautiful and historic sight to behold. The Gothic quarter offers a glimpse of the life that the city’s Jews experienced during the Middle Ages.

As you travel around Dresden in Germany, you will see how the city became an important center of trade for the Rhineland, one of the most prominent European powers during the middle ages.

If you are considering visiting the city during the weekdays, you might want to check out some of the many shopping districts and antique shops.

Old town and elba at night in dresden, germany

The famous Elster is a wonderful place to visit. You can also enjoy a relaxing swim at the Elbe Lager, which is only one hour from Dresden.

The best time to visit Dresden

Dresden’s moderate continental climate makes it an all year round tourist destination.

Summers can be stifling hot though and winter snow is not very uncommon.

During the peak season of May to October, the city comes alive, while prices are soaring as well.

The 6 Most Beautiful Towns to visit in Austria

If you are a lover of the outdoors and the country, you will surely want to explore the natural beauty that is available in the many different townships throughout Austria.

1. Hallstatt Town In Austria

There are plenty of reasons to visit the small town of Hallstatt in Austria. This small town has one of the best UNESCO World Heritage sites.

This area has some of the most beautiful churches and castles that can be found in Austria. The most popular tourist attractions of this town are the castles and churches.

Village of hallstatt
Scenic view of famous hallstatt mountain village with hallstattersee lake and alps mountains summits

Lake Hallstat is a great place to swim. You can also fish for bluegill and trout. This lake also has a pier where you can rent a small boat to go fishing.

Things to do

  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Climing

2. Saint Wolfgang Im Salzkammergut Town

What You Should Know About This Small Town in Austria

Located in the province of Austria, Saint Wolfgang I’m Salzkammergut Town is a small town that is well-known for its churches and cathedrals.

In fact, this is one of the smallest places in Austria that have cathedrals, but the attractions arevery big and have made it a popular tourist destination.

St. wolfgang waterfront with wolfgangsee lake

There are many activities available in this region, such as horseback riding, swimming, hiking, sailing, and diving.

And it is also very easy to get around this area, as there are a number of local buses that travel around this area on a regular basis.

197 things to do in Sankt Wolfgang im Salzkammergut


3. Innsbruck City in Austria

Innsbruck is one of the most important cities in Austria and is known for the Alps, the City is where people are famous for skiing, trekking and for skiing holidays.

The town has plenty of accommodation and facilities to offer visitors, such as ski slopes, skiing lodges, inns, holiday cottages, and hotels, ski chalets, and self-catering apartments.

Many people prefer to stay in Innsbruck City in winter

is gorgeous – the snow clad mountains in the backdrop, the freezing waters of the river flowing through the middle of the city, the cozy and cute Christmas markets and the iconic Swarovski Christmas Tree becoming a part of the skyline, are all that makes this lovely town the perfect place to visit.If you have rented a car, you will have the convenience to travel around the town and outside to explore the ski slopes, winter activities, and beautiful mountains.

or in the summer months when the temperature is cool and pleasant. This way they can enjoy the warm temperatures and spend quality time with their family. Most people prefer to stay in hotels, self-catering apartments, ski chalets, and ski lodges as these are the perfect places to stay for their holiday.

You should also consider staying close to the main attractions in the city, such as the Alps, Lake Inn, Lake Burgenland, Lake Mönchengladbach, and the Danube River.

Mountains or Lakes

This is great if you want to get up close and personal with some of the mountains or lakes in Austria. The accommodation is usually cheaper and you can have a great view of the mountains and lakes.

Austria accommodation options to suit everyone. Some are quite expensive but will give you all the facilities you need. Others are quite affordable and are great for families and couples staying for a few days.

15 Best Tourist Attractions in Innsbruck (Australia )

  • Altstadt von Innsbruck (Old town)
  • Innsbrucker Nordkettenbahnen
  • Ambras Castle
  • Imperial Palace (Hofburg)
  • Hungerburg Funicular
  • Bergisel Ski Jump
  • Swarovski Kristallwelten
  • Alpine Zoo
  • Cathedral of St. James
  • Tirol Panorama
  • Hofgarten (Garden)
  • The Golden Roof
  • The Hofkirche
  • Tyrolean Folk Art Museum
  • Maria-Theresien Strasse

4. Lake Achen – Lake in the Air, Austria

Located just above Austria’s border with Germany and the Czech Republic, is a popular lake in Austria. It is actually the second largest lake in the state, after Lake Burgenland, It has a maximum depth of 133 meters and is located on the banks of the Lake Karwendel.

It borders the Styrian Alps on one side, the Ticino Mountains on the other, and the district of Burgenland-Palatinate to the north.

The Best 20 Attractions around Achen Lake

  • Dalfazalm
  • Wolfsklamm
  • Blaubergalm
  • Plumsjochhütte
  • Erfurter Hütte
  • Bärenkopf
  • Hochiss
  • Lamsenjochhütte
  • Rofanspitze
  • GaisalmFalkenhütte
  • Wolfsklamm
  • Achensee Gaisalmsteig
  • Georgenberg
  • Dalfazer Wasserfall
  • Seebergspitze
  • Sonnjoch Gipfel
  • Rofanseilbahn
  • Ebner Joch
  • “Stoamandl” – Steintürme der Pilgerer

5. Gosauseen Lake in Austria

Is located in the district of Carinthia and is one of the most famous lakes of Austria. There’s a natural lake named as the Lake of the Seven Lakes.

It has a maximum surface area of 2 million square meters. lakes that make up this lake have different attributes and the most popular lake is called Lake of the Seven Lakes.

Things to see and do in Gosauseen Lake

6. Wolfgangsee Lake in Austria

Is a popular attraction for many tourists because of its amazing location and the scenic beauty it contains. It’s known as a destination in Austria and a tourist favorite due to the many different experiences it has to offer.

A good reason to choose this place is that the town is very close to all the important attractions. You can take a train trip or a bus to get to these sites.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time going around the area then you can just take a walk around the lakeside and enjoy the scenery as well as the peace and quiet.

Things to do and see in Wolfgangsee


1. SchafbergBahn

826 reviews


2. Pfarre St. Wolfgang

332 reviews


3. The Pilgrim’s Way

94 reviews


4. Dittelbachwildnis

4 reviews


5. Wolfgangsee

8 reviews


6. Michael Pacher-Haus

12 reviews


7. Puppenmuseum (Dorf-Alm)

11 reviews


8. Wolfgangsee Schifffahrt

290 reviews


9. Sportcamp Raudaschl

6 reviews

5 Best places to visit in Canada

If you’re looking for the best places to visit in Canada, you’ve come to the right place. This article will provide you with information on some of the top places to see in Canada.

Whether you’re in the midst of planning a family vacation or you’re just out there taking an extended vacation, this information should help you to choose one of the top Canada travel destinations.

By the time you’re done reading this article, you will know where to go to Canada and what to do while you are there.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is an unrivaled geological wonder and perhaps one of the finest waterfalls in all of the Earth. It stands on the border of the United States and Canada and has long been a favorite tourist attraction for many centuries, as well as the largest source of natural electricity.

The falls themselves are located close to the confluence of two tributaries, including the mighty falls of the Niagara River, which provide the water necessary to sustain these amazing structures. This incredible feat of nature is actually one of the largest dams in all of North America. While this natural phenomenon of nature is truly awe inspiring,

Niagara Falls

It is common knowledge that the falls of Niagara Falls are open at any time of the year, but in order to see them at their fullest grandeur, you should plan on visiting this area from April to October.

These months offer the best opportunity to view the fall of water and its different colors in its numerous cascading channels. One of the best ways to get to this area of Niagara Falls that you can easily find is by taking a boat tour through the falls.


The third largest city in Ontario, is an important Canadian city on the west shores of Lake Ontario.

Toronto is also home to many popular green spaces, such as the orderly oval of Queen?s Park, the lush green grounds of Toronto Botanical Gardens, and the bustling sports arenas, museums and gardens. Toronto has been host to several prominent events, such as the Pan-Am Games in 1996. In addition to being a commercial centre, Toronto is also a cultural center.

Banff National Park

The largest national park in Canada is Banff National Park. Located in the far north-west corner of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, Banff includes over 180 kilometres of mountains, glaciers, ice-fields, coniferous forests, and high alpine meadows.

With its beautiful surroundings and a number of unique features, the park has been called the “Queen of Canadian Parks”. While it is not as popular as some other national parks, its popularity can be attributed to its unique and natural characteristics.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

The Capilano Suspension bridge is a well-known landmark to many’s tourists, topping the tourist attractions list in British Columbia. Since 1889, this iconic site has long been a great destination for adventure enthusiasts looking to sky-dive over the world famous swinging suspension bridge.

Even today, visitors can watch people jump from the bridge or take pleasure in the thrill of watching a skier or skiers make their way down the suspension bridge as it swings back and forth at up to sixty knots. It is a spectacular sight to behold and is a great way to see one of Canada’s most beloved cities.

In addition to being a fun attraction

the Capilano suspension bridge also offers a scenic view of downtown Vancouver. As the river passes through downtown Vancouver, it makes a dramatic impression on the bridge and the surrounding area.

If you are looking for something that you can do while visiting the city, the bridge is definitely the place for you. This is a great place for a romantic getaway with your loved one or just a place to enjoy a relaxing day before heading back home to your own home.

Peyto Lake

Peyto Lake, known as Lake Louise, is a large glacier-fed lake near Banff National Park. The lake itself is close to the Icefields Parkway, which leads to Mount Norquay.

The lake was created by the melting of icebergs and ice caps on the glacier and became a popular destination for many campers. Today, the area is now a well-known destination for hiking and biking.

It is one of Canada’s most popular winter sports destinations because it offers a wide variety of activities and offers the chance to get out and enjoy nature.

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