25 Best Weekend Getaways for Couples from Miami Florida

Looking for the best weekend getaways? Miami seems to be the best place to consider. The region has plenty of sunshine and constant warm weather.

No doubt, Miami is a true paradise of this sunshine state. The area has everything, regardless of your preference and style. Keep reading to start planning your next romantic weekend getaways.

These picks include:

Barefoot Madeira Beach Hotel

One of the most popular beach hotels for romantic couples on the other side of the peninsula. The strategic location allows an individual to have a great view of the gulf and even walk on the beautiful shores.

The most exciting thing about the beach hotel is the pristine sand from St. Pete to Clearwater. It forms a great spot to walk with your partner in the evening while watching the beautiful sunset.

That’s not all. You can rent a scooter from the hotel and ride towards the historic John’s Pass Village. The ride will take about five minutes.

The village has a wide range of fresh seafood restaurants and unique shopping. Besides that, the numerous water activities like parasailing make the hotel stand out from others.

Medeira Barefoot Beach hotel is one of the best romantic getaways near me. It is time to visit the barefoot beach club and have the best experience.

Mandarin Oriental in Brickell Key

Mandarin Oriental is another excellent venue to spend a romantic getaway with your partner. The hotel is within the Brickell key situated right off the coast of Miami.

The cosmopolitan destination is full of life and a luxurious experience. It also provides easy access to a private beach in Miami marked with city skyline panorama and water.

The elegance of Mandarin Oriental is inspired by Asian architecture.  If you are looking for a cheap weekend getaway near, then this five-star resort got your back.

One of the best things about the resort is the couple’s massage chamber, strawberries, and champagne. These are the features making the resort the best weekend getaways for couples.

That’s not all. The personal beach butlers on the private beach will make your day. All the pampering and exciting food bites will make it a long-lasting memorable experience.

The fusion of cuisines at the hotel is worth the value of your money. Grab this opportunity and get surrounded by stunning city views and water.

The Villa Casa Casuarina at Miami Beach

Flickr The Villa Casa Casuarina by Prayitno

Here are another cheap weekend getaways near Miami Beach. It is an ancient Italian-style mansion that displays the elegance and design of Mr. Versace.

The hotel has an exciting swimming pool characterized by 24-karat gold. Besides that, the thousand-tile mosaic arrangement of the pool will make you find things to do this weekend.

The architectural design of the building and mouth watering cuisine tend to display Italian inspiration. Dining under the stars is what makes the hotel the best romantic getaways near me.

One thing that makes Villa Casa Casuarina stand out on Miami Beach is the fresh seafood grills prepared by reputable executive chefs.

If you are looking for an excellent place to spend the weekend with your loved ones, then the hotel at Miami Beach got your back. Everything offered by the hotel is of high-quality and worth the value of every single coin.

The Tides at South Beach

Are you looking for a place to hang out with your loved one? The Tides at the south beach is one of the most popular places to spend a romantic weekend getaway in Florida.

The most wonderful thing about the hotel is that you might opt not to leave the room. All the services will be availed at your comfort.

You are given the freedom to call the spa and make a private appointment in your room. The aim is to ensure couples indulge in all sorts of intimacy with ultimate privacy.

The soaking tubs and delectable room service are some of the things that make this hotel stand out in the south beach.

Walking along the beautiful beach of the famous Ocean Drive happens to be some things to do this weekend. The classic art and modern accommodation mark this hotel as one of the best weekend getaways.

The Biltmore in Miami

Biltmore is one of the most popular 1920s hotels in Miami. The premise is sparkled with an elegance that makes lovebirds feel like in Europe.

The most exciting thing about the hotel is the largest swimming pool. It creates a nice spot to cool down the Miami heat on the body.

If you have been dreaming of a Mediterranean romantic weekend getaway then Biltmore hotel got your back. The lavish gardens and courtyard make your Mediterranean dream come true.

Biltmore offers a luxurious experience for those people looking to enjoy golf and a spa. The resort luxury is worth every value of your coin.

Besides that, the hotel allows you to discover authentic Italian restaurants and a classic bar. Take this time to make a reservation and enjoy some of the best experiences.

Ritz-Carlton at Key Biscayne

Ritz Carlton is situated on Key Biscayne Island. The resort off the coast of Miami and navigation towards the Island in a boat create a memorable experience.

The fresh air from the ocean and the private balcony create a gorgeous viewing experience of Key Biscayne at night.

The tranquility pool on the site forms a great environment for hanging out with your partner. The site creates an ideal space for staying away from other families on the vacation.

One of the most exciting things about the resort is the 1964s Cuban bar and lounge. The Latin music ambiance and wooden fixtures bring out the real sultry heyday of Havana.

The night tequila tasting is one of the fun day trip ideas close to me. The feature happens to be the reason behind the high number of families coming for vacations.

Cheeca Lodge & Spa

Miami is a city in the sunshine state that experiences a huge number of tourists from around the world. If you are looking to escape a swarm of tourists then Cheeca lodge and spa is a real gem.

The resort is located in the quiet Islamorada Island formerly known as Purple Island. The environment is quite suitable for a couple to rejuvenate and bond.

One of the most amazing things about the resort is the private balcony that offers a spectacular ocean view and sunset in the evening.

The marble tubs and the high-end suites are worth the value of your money. These features also create a relaxing environment for couples.

The spacious guest rooms provide a laid back vibe for lovebirds in the Purple Island. The chartered boats are some of the fun things to do this weekend.

The Breakers Resort at Palm Beach

This is another Italian renaissance resort ideal for romantic weekend getaways for couples. The beautiful banks of Palm Beach provide fresh air and a quiet environment for meditation.

The breeze from the ocean helps to cool down the Florida heat on the body. The oceanfront pools and breakers beach access give you the freedom to walk around the resort.

The resort is one of the best weekend getaways for couples looking for privacy and enjoyment from the bustle of the city.

The private bungalows create small heaven for you while on vacation at Palm Beach. The bungalows come with a poolside and other vital services.

If you are looking for the best experience a few miles away from Miami then Palm Beach resort should be your next destination.

Boca Raton Resort & Club

The architectural design of the hotel provides a striking elegance that the story tells vividly about the past. The glamorous vibe of the resort will make you have an exceptional experience.

The pools will help you cool down the Florida heat and weather. Besides that, the private beach has plenty of space to allow you to enjoy the sun and breeze of the sunshine state.

That’s not all. The resort has a stunning tennis court and golf course. This creates an ideal space for recreational activities while on vacation.

If you are looking for a place to have a romantic dinner then Boca Raton Resort and Club got everything you need. There are a lot of delicious cuisines ranging from sushi to Morimoto.

The Don CeSar at St. Pete Beach

The Miami pink palace is one of the best romantic weekend getaways for couples in Florida. The resort offers luxury services and an infinite gulf view from the private balcony.

The guest rooms have been fitted with high-quality beddings. The aim is to create a comfortable and relaxing space for visiting couples.

Things to do this weekend while at the resort are parasailing, beach volleyball, and kayaking.

The development of the hotel got the inspiration of a secret lover of Thomas Rowe. The purpose was to pay a tribute to the opera singer. It is the reason behind the little mystery rumored at the peach.

Marco Island Resort & Spa

One of the most popular white-sand beaches in Florida for romantic weekend getaways. The scenic location is what is luring many couples across the world.

The beachside dining creates an ideal atmosphere for partners to enjoy themselves away from the terrific traffic of Miami.

The spa comes with a massage chamber and a pool for relaxation. The scenery around this area is indeed great for a weekend getaway.

The top stays on the Marriott rooms provide a great gulf sunset view. It also provides an ideal space for sipping a cocktail and other drinks.

You will also have an opportunity to sail aboard to the Eek Ocean and watch sea turtles and dolphins swimming. These treasures in the ocean will result in a long-lasting memorable experience.

Fort Myers

The region is about a four-hour drive to land on the other side of the sunshine state. Fort Myers is a great place for weekend getaways for couples.

One of the nicest things about Fort Myers is the access to the Gulf of Mexico and clam waters. The warm weather provides a suitable environment for enjoying the sun and relaxing.

This is one of the community beaches used by the rich in the 19th C to spend their wealth during winter from their respective states.

Besides that, you can get a tour of the Edison and Ford Winter Estate to view the gorgeous homes, gardens, and research labs.

Another great advantage is a romantic train trip situated at the railroad museum of south Florida. The collection of train models in the museum create a nice scenery for couples while hanging out.


One of the beaches that experiences a swarm of tourists avoiding winter months from the North. Visiting Naples beach during spring and summer happens to be the best months for couples avoiding the crowd.

The beach is located on the Gulf side of Florida, and it takes about a three-hour drive. The scenery on the way and the smell of the fresh air is quite beautiful.

The Naples Botanical Garden is marked with fresh bloom, and the smell of roses makes the region stand out from others in Florida.

One of the nicest things is that couples can have a boat ride in the Naples zoo and have a chance to watch animals playing on the island.

Besides that, Naples has Osteria Tulia for couples to have a romantic diner. Italian cuisine brings a rustic feel and an enjoyable spot for spending time together.

Sea Breeze Manor Bed and Breakfast

The Manor is situated directly on the other side of the Boca Ciega Bay beach. The history of the area and the beach will create a memorable experience during a weekend getaway.

The rooms have modern beddings and a private bath with a separate tub and shower. The private balcony and dining area is the Manor, a great place to visit.

Duval Gardens

It offers bed and breakfast in Key West. Duval gardens have about four different types of rooms for guests to choose from. The good news is that all the rooms have sufficient space and amazing décor.

The garden has a large heated pool for relaxation and a tropical garden for hanging around during a romantic weekend getaway.

Alfond Inn at Rollins College

This is an award-winning Inn located in Winter Park, Florida. The hotel has a quite spacious and luxurious outlook. The modern amenities available will make your life easier during the vacation.

One of the exciting things is that the hotel has a gym, pool, ballroom, verdant courtyard, and other recreational activities. It is a nice place for weekend getaways.

Magnolia Inn

The Inn is about forty-five minutes from Orlando. It will take you one hour to access the beach and Disney. Hence, an ideal location for hanging out with your partner during the weekend.

You can also access the beautiful Village Mount Dora, lake, and shopping boutiques. The décor of the rooms and appliances are worth the value of your money.

Ambrosia Key West

The home offers bed and breakfast. It is located in the old town historic district. Besides that, you will be able to access Key West attraction sites, museums, beaches, and water activities with ease.

Most of the rooms offered have a private entrance from the garden and verandah. If you are looking for top privacy then Ambrosia got your back.

The Mermaid and the Alligator

The home is located in the heart of the Old Town Key West. All the rooms are accessible through the garden Inn and the amenities are of high standards.

Each room also has a private entrance. This is the reason behind being regarded as the best romantic weekend getaways for couples.

Atlantis House

Here are an excellent bed and breakfast weekend getaways from Miami. The guest rooms are adjacent to the Key West Marine Park and beach.

The Atlantis house also offers tour services to those interested in visiting Key West Aquatic Park. It is a place that will result in a memorable experience.

Anchor Inn Bed and Breakfast

Another charming bed and breakfast Inn situated in Quirky. It is about two miles away from the beautiful beach on a bike ride.

The rooms and equipment are of modern design. The free Wi-Fi access will allow you to stream movies while relaxing with your lovebird.

Avalon Bed & Breakfast

The bed and breakfast guest house is about one block away from the southernmost point of the USA continental. The rooms have all accessories and essential fixtures.

Some of the key things to do during the weekend are relaxing in the park, visiting waterfalls, and enjoying the hot tub. It is a nice place for a family vacation and bonding.

Larelle House Bed and Breakfast

The hotel is located in the home of Queen Anne Victorian at St. Petersburg’s waterfront district. The hotel is strategically located between two historical museums in the region.

You can opt to visit either Saint Petersburg Museum or Dali Museum. The guest rooms have everything you are looking for in a luxury room.

Granada Inn

The Inn is a few walking miles away from Fort Lauderdale Beach. However, it has few guest rooms making it suitable for those seeking romantic weekend getaways.

The features of the guest rooms create a relaxing and comforting environment. You can also access the beach without any problem.

The good news is that it has a secluded pool with palm trees and tropical plants. This creates scenery for a couple to relax.

Old Town Manor

It takes about a three-hour drive to reach the hotel from Miami. The hotel is situated in a strategic place to enjoy the splendor of Key West.

It has a European style breakfast and it is served in the tropical garden of the hotel. The rooms are rich in history and ideal for hanging out as a couple.

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