25 Best Things To Do In Sacramento California

Best Things to do in Sacramento are easy to find because it is home to some of America’s most beloved entertainers and events. Whether you are looking for a fun-filled day at the races or simply looking to see the greater Sacramento area up close, you will find many great things to do in this city.

From horse shows to concerts and festivals, you will not want to miss out on any of it when you live in the Capital of California. The best part about living in Sacramento is that the local residents are very welcoming and kind as well as being extremely helpful and knowledgeable in regards to anything and everything Sacramento has to offer.

1. Have a Trip to Old Sacramento State Historic Park

 Old Sacramento State Historic Park

Old Sacramento Historic Park covers the whole subject of this 1850’s business district and became a National Historic Landmark in 1965.

The buildings were constructed at the start of the Gold Rush and there are lots of historical buildings such as the Eagle Theater.

Through the years that the waterfront in this region has witnessed both catastrophe such as floods and fire, to the achievement of increasing the roads. The region today attracts visitors from throughout the world that are eager to test out these wonderful 28 acres of playground.

2. Crocker Art Museum

The Crocker Art Museum is among the earliest public art museums in the nation and among the greatest attractions in Sacramento CA. Judge Edwin B. Crocker was a wealthy businessman who, together with his wife, began the artwork set in 1869. Finally, that collection resulted in a museum, which was launched in 1885.

The permanent collection contains works from California, many parts of American art, European paintings and paintings, global jewelry, and African, Asian, and Oceanic art. Seasoned docents provide guided tours in case you are considering a comprehensive explanation of many displays. The museum also provides several educational opportunities, studio courses, and accessibility into this Gerald Hansen Library.

3. Sacramento Zoo

The Sacramento Zoo is located in William Land Park and can be a great destination for animal-lovers.

Crossing over a huge area of 14 acres with over 400 animals in various lands, the Sacramento Zoo is among the most well-known attractions in Sacramento to see to get a summit at the astounding biodiversity town has.
Enjoy a close encounter with all the majestic animals within this event as you learn in their lifestyle, their quirks, traits, and the way the zoo-keepers along with the owners attempt in protecting and preserving them.

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4. The California State Railroad Museum

Among the most Well-known museums in Sacramento is that the California State Railroad Museum. Every year over 500,000 people flock to the museum to step back in time and find the history of this railroad. There are six buildings in the memorial that cover a place of 225,000 square feet.

You’ll come across lots of restored railroad cars and locomotives which were initially used across the state. Here you’ll observe the way the railroad has shaped California in addition to its market. Among the highlights of this museum is that the Railway Post Office that people can step aboard to find a true experience of yesteryear.

5. California State Capitol Museum

California State Capitol Museum

Situated on 10th Street in the downtown area of Sacramento, the California State Capitol Museum comprises the grounds and construction of the California State Legislature. The historic building dates back to 1869, and also the museum is owned by the California state park system.

The gardens around the construction comprise of 40 acres of trees and trees from all over the planet, and there are many beautiful and persuasive memorials. Visitors can see short movies in the theater and see many of the restored offices. Group and school tours of the museum can be found in addition to daily public tours.

6. Tiscornia Park

If you are tired of staying inside and are interested in finding the great recreational activity outdoors, then consider falling by Tiscornia Park for an exciting retreat.

Taking a fast dip or just enjoying the stunning waters and well-maintained region of Tiscornia Park is among the finest free items to do in Sacramento for both tourists and sailors round the region.
Love this stunning riverside recreation area along with a sandy shore as you move to a refreshing swim, ride a boat for an excellent fishing adventure, and perhaps bring a mat using a few snacks for a picnic.

7. The California Automobile Museum

The California Automobile Museum was founded by a group of volunteers in 1982, the narrative behind the forming of this museum is very interesting in itself. A band of volunteers had been in a meeting if one pulled out a $100 note and inquired who’d suit him, five other people came forward and which was the beginning funds out of where the non-profit memorial was set.

The museum’s original collection was supposed to house the biggest collection of Fords on earth and as the years went from the museum started to seek out different makes of automobile. Nowadays it’s possible to enjoy a really diverse and exciting assortment of automobiles.

8. Powerhouse Science Center, Sacramento, California

The museum includes attractive exhibits like a planetarium, a character discovery space, and a hands on archaeology dig, amongst others. The Challenger Learning Center, an interactive space shuttle simulator, is especially common.

The museum concentrates on instruction, and it provides many distinct sorts of applications like school meetings, after school programs, summer camps, and homeschool applications. Personal events such as birthday parties, business meetings, and weddings may also be scheduled in the museum. The Discovery Museum is among the very best things to do in Sacramento CA for households.

9. California State Indian Museum

The California State Indian Museum is a museum at the country park system of California that provides a varied experience for tourists and locals alike.

Situated at a midtown park directly next to John Sutter’s Fort, the State Indian Museum narrates the story of California’s natives that have Been Living in the Region way ahead of the arrival of the Spanish explorers and eons ahead of the events of this Gold Rush.

Dip at this museum and find out about the men and women who shared and preserved that the pure surroundings of Sacramento for centuries since you nurture a better understanding of California’s natural resources, Indian ethnic things, and also learn how natives are trying now.

10. The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament

The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament is the mother church of the Catholic religion in Sacramento. This usually means that the church serves almost one million Catholics and encircles 99 churches. The cathedral was constructed in 1887 and has stood proud for all these decades, recent renovations have made certain that the cathedral continues to serve its people whilst still appearing magnificent.

The cathedral has a inside decoration that’s a sight to behold and stands in 34m high, yet another impressive feature is that the 13-foot crucifix which has a 14-foot crown molding, the burden of this crucifix and crown is almost 1 ton.

11. Old Sacramento

Old Sacramento

Old Sacramento State Historic Park is a 28-acre historical district comprising over a hundred stores, museums, restaurants, and attractions. That which is designed to call to mind the period of the Transcontinental Railway and the California Gold Rush.

Sitting across the Sacramento River, Old Sacramento Began to experience restorations from the 1960s. Today, It’s recorded as a State Historical Park in Addition to a U.S. National Historic Landmark. If you’re wondering what to do in Sacramento to find out about the local history, then this is a superb spot to see.

There are lots of historical buildings in Old Sacramento combined with various museums, including the favorite Sacramento History Museum. Visitors may choose a cruise on historical riverboats, unwind in a horse-drawn carriage, and ride an authentic train from yesteryear.

12. Natomas Rose Garden

All the way back in 2003, a group of volunteers went ahead and hired a landscape designer to start the process of producing Natomas’ initial all-volunteer community rose garden which is employed hand-in-hand with the town’s parks department.

If you are a lover of all of the various species and versions of roses, then visit them at another perspective in a superbly manicured structure and layout when you cover a visit to the Natomas Rose Garden for an enchanting experience unlike any other.

Revel in all the various roses alongside stunning installations, arches and amazing green open spaces in the Natomas Rose Garden for a calm and serenity-filled tour since you know a thing or 2 about nurturing, culturing and identifying several kinds of roses.

13. Raging Waters Water Park

The biggest waterpark in Sacramento is known as Raging Water and comprises over 25 water slides, slides, and pools. The park is at the middle of Sacramento and it’s something to match you no matter your disposition.

If after some time you’re tired from all the running around and having fun then it’s possible to quit in the family-friendly restaurant to get something to eat. On account of the intense nature of a few of the rides, there’s a height and weight limitation just like every other theme park.

14. McKinley Park

Situated at 601 Alhambra Boulevard at East Sacramento, McKinley Park is a custom-designed park and park. It was constructed in only six days with a group of over 2,000 volunteers in the neighborhood. These volunteers provided all of the funds in addition to the equipment and substances. Some of these highlights include the”Alhambra Theater” entrance arch, the Fredrick N. Evans Memorial Rose Garden, the”Tower” bridge, and a riverboat and road trolley, among other interesting attractions. Visitors will find lots of opportunities for exercise and fun together with all the park’s large climbing wall, jogging trail, basketball court, and many play areas for kids, such as a huge treehouse.

15. Sand Cove Park

Love a Wonderful day beneath the warmth in Sand Cove Park at Sacramento for an enjoyable escape from the hustle and bustle of town.

This park provides a huge array of actions and an expanse of green spaces enclosing a sandy beach that’s sprawled across the American River.

Nature places and many trails will also be nearby which is ideal for those looking for an immersive adventure among the lush trees and wilderness.

Have a dip, sunbathe, or perhaps simply walk along the beaches of this gorgeous park open to people far and wide.

Since you breathe the cool air, it is possible to take it a step farther by going to the different paths and pathways to the natural areas of the park to get a glimpse of these flourishing trees and plants that occupy the city.

16. The California Museum

In downtown Sacramento you’ll come across The California Museum, the museum is home to the California Hall of Fame. From the instant you step in the construction, you may feel motivated as you examine a few of the wonderful things that individuals from California have attained previously.

The memorial also recalls to honor the Native Americans and can be a true location of learning and you cannot help but come away feeling refreshed and energized by the fantastic people they’ve heard about.

17.Casa Garden, Sacramento, CA

The restaurant is very unique since it’s largely volunteers that are responsible for keeping everything running smoothly. The volunteers genuinely would like to be there, so the standard of the service is impeccable. Any suggestions left by the clients go directly to support the actions and operations of the Children’s House. The restaurant serves American cuisine in a vibrant setting where all of the chairs overlook the gorgeous gardens. The menu changes each week. The terrace in Casa Garden has been a favorite place for weddings and family parties for many productions in Sacramento.

18. Urban Air Trampoline and Experience Park Sacramento

With a huge array of attractions which can be enjoyed by everybody, Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park Sacramento is among the most amusing and entertaining destinations to see in town.

If you are a family and are searching for a excellent time with the small ones, then the Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park Sacramento is unquestionably one of the best things to do in Sacramento with children .

Here it is possible to launch your inner child or possess the kids have a move to conquer unique sets of barriers, jump around as they release all that power, and have a burst attempting different stunts and springs.

19. The American River Bike Trail

The American River Bike Trail is also known as the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail and it runs for 32 kilometers between Discovery Park at Old Sacramento and Beal’s Point. The road is a gorgeous ride since it’s totally paved and contains two functional lanes.

There are loads of amenities along the way like toilet’s, water fountains and public phones. If you’re hungry then there are loads of places you’ll be able to stop at along the way to have a bite to eat and a break before continuing.

The Sac Brew Bike is ideal for groups that are looking to invest their time doing something different. Here you and your buddies can jump aboard this multi-person bicycle and choose a set bicycle around a few of Sacramento’s finest drinking and drinking areas.

20. Sac Brew Bike

You all jump and receive peddling whilst the driver works the steering to be certain you’re still moving in the ideal direction after a couple of drinks. An entirely distinctive experience to the city and one that’s well worth doing since it isn’t often you are able to work out and have fun at precisely the exact same moment.

21. The Firehouse, Sacramento, CA

Located in the center of the old portion of Sacramento, The Firehouse has been one of the favourite places for dining for 55 decades. Each Tuesday, celebrated Sommelier Mario Ortiz contributes a conventional wine tasting, an action that constantly brings wine aficionados and casual wine drinkers alike.

The Firehouse courtyard is available every Monday night before October, and it is a fantastic selection for a cozy and intimate dinner.

The Firehouse wine collection comprises around 16,000 carefully chosen bottles from all over the world. Executive Chef Deneb Williams works with local farmers, growers, and anglers to make sure only the freshest ingredients are used for collections in the seasonal menu. The Firehouse Filet Mignon and also the”Day Boat” Fresh Fish are one of the most Well-known specialties in the restaurant.

22. Elk Grove Park

If you are stuck finding inexpensive and accessible things to do in Sacramento, subsequently Elk Grove Park could be an ideal destination for you.

Elk Grove Park provides 3.4-kilometers value of moderately-trafficked loop paths nearby Elk Grove that is ideal for novice and expert hikers as well as individuals that are only seeking a refreshing and nature-filled park to unwind in.

Hike, run, walk or have a picnic from the park’s shore because you completely immerse yourself in the crisp cool air and lush green surroundings that this park has to offer that’s spacious all-year-round, and people with pets to label their fur babies combined.

23. Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

If you are attempting to find the very finest viewpoints in Sacramento both night and day, those that you encounter in the Tower Bridge is arguably among the best that you are ever going to get to see in the entire city.

Whether you are driving or walking , moving past this landmark or just taking a trip round the entire bridge provides a stunning panoramic view of the lake along with a educational trip full of relaxation and leisure; both on the street and about the riverwalk route.

24. The Underground Tasting Room

The Underground Tasting Room is designed especially for those that enjoy and enjoy high quality wines, food pairing recommendations, direct access to wineries, and also need to have the craft of wine in an entirely different perspective.

The Underground Tasting Room is a winery tasting experience that is ideal for wine connoisseurs and fanatics since it sets you upon an educational and historic journey on all the various tastes and types of wine Sacramento has to offer you.

Dine and enjoy the ideal wine and build your personal food blend at this intriguing winery huddled deep inside Sacramento as you enjoy the finest flavors in town and is the best date for couples searching for a special place this weekend.

25. Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park

Governor's Mansion State Historic Park

is regarded as the Historic Governor’s Mansion of both California and will be the designated official home of the acting Governor of California.

If you’d like a glimpse of the various quarters and regions of a historic landmark in town that is full with well-preserved items, a classic interior layout and a string of classical artwork bits and collections, visiting Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park could be ideal for you.

Tour around this huge mansion and delve deep into the various facets of the mansion, whether aesthetic or architectural.

A real masterpiece that’s a testament to each of the various sections of Sacramento’s history which has stood strong for ages for everybody to enjoy.

25 Best Things To Do In Sacramento California

  • Have a Trip to Old Sacramento State Historic Park
  • Crocker Art Museum
  • Sacramento Zoo
  • The California State Railroad Museum
  • California State Capitol Museum
  • Tiscornia Park
  • The California Automobile Museumh
  • Powerhouse Science Center, Sacramento, California
  • California State Indian Museum
  • The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacramento
  • Old Sacramento
  • Natomas Rose Garden
  • Raging Waters Water Park
  • McKinley Parkh215. Sand Cove Park
  • California Museum
  • Casa Garden, Sacramento, CA
  • Urban Air Trampoline and Experience Park Sacramento
  • The American River Bike Trail
  • Sac Brew Bike
  • The Firehouse, Sacramento, CA
  • Elk Grove Park
  • Tower Bridge
  • The Underground Tasting Room
  • Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park

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