25 Best things to do in London

London is by far the most visited city in Europe, attracting over 27 million visitors per annum. It is with no surprise that London is at the top of several people’s travel plans. London city was founded by the Romans and has then thrived over centuries.

In the modern world, London is the most diverse city on the face of our planet. The city has a rich history as well as some of the most outstanding cultures on earth.

London is an ancient city; however, it is the smallest city in England. London covers a vast metropolitan area, and it is said to be home to approximately 9 million people.

While touring this lovely city, there some places you don’t want to miss. Therefore, in this article, we shall be taking you through the top 25 best things to do in London.

Well, if you are wondering what to do in London, you should consider checking out these places;

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is considered the most famous as well as the largest park in London. This park is said to have a historical significance and has hosted several protests and demonstrations, such as the protest by Suffragettes.

This park is home to numerous memorial features and two incredible water bodies, with Serpentine being the most famous. While in this park, you will be able to see swans or even go paddle boating. There is no doubt that Hyde Park is one of the must-visit places to see in London.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster is said to be London’s political hub and is also home to the Houses of Parliament as well the famous Big Ben. The Big Ben is the name of a bell-house is located in the iconic clock tower and chimes every hour.

Here is also where you will find Westminster Abbey and is open most of the days to the public. It would be best if you considered visiting Parliament Square while visiting these magnificent landmarks. The Parliament square features statues of some of the greatest politicians such as Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela.

Wembley Stadium

If you are a football fan, then visiting Wembley Stadium should be on your top plan while in London. Wembley Stadium tour lasts for about 75 minutes; however, you might consider reserve at least one hour to visit the Stadium store afterward.

The Wembley Stadium was open officially in 2007 and was constructed on the same site as the original Wembley Stadium that hosted the 1948 Olympic Games and 1966 World cup final. Every tour in Wembley Stadium is run by an expert tour guide who will lead you to some of the historic spots in a stadium that are seen on TV on historical matches and championships.

London Eye

Your London trip will not be complete without visiting the iconic London Eye. The London is an enormous Ferris wheel that offers an incredible view of the city and is constructed to celebrate the millennium. The Eye is lit up at night in seasonal colors, and it is a centerpiece of New Year’s firework display in London.

While on the Eye, you can share a spacious pod with other visitors, or you might as well consider splurging on a private pod for you and a special person. Visiting the London Eye is by far, one of the best things to do in London.


Soho is known for being the sex industry of London. Nowadays, Soho is famous for its nightlife; however, some sex shops still exist, giving the area a delightful risqué vibe. The area is also considered as the city of the LGBTQ community and has several lesbian and gay bars for you to check out as the sunsets.

The area is also famous for a number of jazz bars, theaters as well as restaurants for you to explore; this makes it a cultural hotspot. Furthermore, it is close to Leicester Square, meaning that it is a great place to go for a few drinks after a stage show or a play.

Tower of London

The Tower of London is a historic castle located on the north bank of the River Thames in Central London. Despite having a grim as well as unimpressive exterior when compared to Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London is equipped with an incredible interior that is bustling with activities.

The tower comprises multiple towers with 12 open to the public and offers an excellent view for everyone. If you love the history of monarchy, then you should not miss the famous crown jewel exhibition. Imperial State Crown is among the items you will see, and the queen still wears it during every State Opening of the Parliament.

Hampstead Heath

The Hampstead Heath is among the largest parks in London, and it covers approximately 790 acres. This park sits at the top of one of London’s highest points with an excellent view of the city of London from Parliament Hill.

Hampstead Heath has an incredible grassy field, several large ponds, and a wooded area. Its incredible view makes it one of the best places to visit in London. Here you will be able to experience nature in the city along with plenty of wildlife and small woods for you to get lost.

Kensington palace

Kensington palace, there are fun activities for you to and quirky tales to uncover. The Kensington palace is broken into different exhibitions allowing tourists to explore hundreds of years of Royal history.

Queen’s State Apartments are an incredible visit; however, they share some sad stories. These focus on the tragic story of the Stuart Dynasty in the 1690s with a presentation of Mary II’s apartments, who died of smallpox at the age of 32. If you love royal history, you should consider visiting Kensington Palace.

Windsor Castle

Nowadays, Windsor streets are flooded with people, and one of the most obvious reasons is Windsor Castle. The Windsor Castle is the largest as well as the oldest occupied castle in the world. As a history lover, you are plenty of history to discover.

The Windsor Castle was founded by William the Conqueror in the 11th century. The Castle has been home to 39 different monarchs. While visiting Windsor Castle, you will have a free 30-minutes tour of precincts by a warden. You are guaranteed to learn the history of 39 monarchs while in the Palace.

Hampton Court Palace

The Hampton Court Palace was built by Henry VIII’s Lord Chancellor, Cardinal Wolsey, as a showy country retreat for hosting state visits. The Palace has been remembered as Tudor’s stomping ground for the longest time.

While in the Hampton Court Palace, you will be able to stand in the same room where history was once made. Wander down a corridor where Catherine Howard was dragged while screaming. Here you will see ace gardens and the UK’s oldest surviving hedge maze.

Brixton Academy

If you are looking for live music, then London has several unique venues for you. The Broxton Academy is one of London’s most famous and best venues; however, it is located in the south of London.

Brixton Academy was opened in 1929 and was originally a cinema and a theater known as Astoria. It became Brixton Academy fifty years after it was opened, and nowadays, it hosts some of the largest pop as well as rock acts on earth. There are several acts that were played in Brixton Academy, including Sex Pistols, The Clash, Madonna and New Order.

The O2

Like the London Eye, The O2 was also constructed to celebrate the millennium and was named Millennium Dome. The O2 once acted as an exhibition center and had several exhibits as well as hands-on activities that were primarily aimed at children.

Nowadays, The O2 is a premier destination for stage shows as well as live music. The place is known for hosting some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry regularly. It also houses a cinema and several bars as well as restaurants with different cuisines across the globe. This makes an incredible place for hanging around with friends. As an individual on the lookout for adventure, you should consider climbing to the top of The O2.

Brick Lane Street Art

In Brick Lane street art, the arts are alive. Located in the heart of London, Street art in Brick Lane is continuously changing. It is a part of Shoreditch in East London, which was considered as a poor area that was filled with slums that stretched from Whitechapel where Jack the Ripper committed horrific murders.

Street art became an excellent way for people here to express themselves. Despite the fact that graffiti is illegal in the UK, street arts within Brick Lane seems to be getting away with it. If you are into graffiti or looking for a picturesque area in London, then Brick Lane Street Art will be the best place for you.


The Chinatown in London is located around Gerrard Street, and it is sandwiched between Leicester Square and Soho. Chinatown is equipped with Chinese lanterns as well as eye-catching red arches, which a vibrant neighborhood that is hard to miss.

The area is filled with several authentic Asian restaurants along with secret bars and supermarkets. There is no doubt that you will always find something new to explore in Chinatown. You might consider trying HK diner for some genuine and delicious Asian cuisine, such as the roasted duck.

The area is known for its exemplary service as well as generous portions that are worth the price. Furthermore, you will be able to find bubble tea, which is an Asian trend that has swept across London recently.

Brixton’s Electric Avenue

Electric Avenue is a street located in Brixton, south of London, and it famous since it was the first market street in London that was lit by electricity. The street spawned the one song by Eddy Grant, and it is the center of London history, such as the Brixton race riot back in 1981. Nowadays, Brixton’s Electric Avenue is the heart of Brixton’s market, which is diverse as well as an electric food market.

You might as well consider checking out the whole Brixton neighborhood. The area is home to a multitude of small businesses that sell some unique and quirky handmade items. Brixton is by far the most diverse area of London as well as an excellent spot for carrying out shopping and catching live music.

Piccadilly Circus

The Piccadilly Circus is almost recognizable instantly. The area features square filled with some bright lights along with big electronic screens. It has been one of the busiest posts in London since the 17th century, during which it was recognized as a commercial hub.

As of today, Piccadilly Circus remains to be the heart of the West End and has easy access to some of the biggest nightclubs as well as theaters in London, such as Criterion Theatre. At the center of Piccadilly Circus is Eros’ Statue, and it is often a popular meeting point as well as a tourist destination.

London Bridge

London Bridge is by far the scariest tourist attraction in London. If you are an adrenaline junky, then this do-it-if-you dare attraction will be best for you. At the London Bridge, you will go under the arches and go deep down underground, where you will journey through centuries of London history from the Roman invasion to the Great Fire of London as well as the brutal murders of Jack the Ripper. While on the London Bridge, you will enjoy the experience as you take a tour into the Tombs and relive tales of the city’s forgotten folk.

Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall is by far the best and most famous concert hall on earth. Here you will tour and discover the hall’s rich history for yourself. Furthermore, the Royal Albert Hall is considered the most beloved and iconic building in London. The hall has hosted some of the most famous musicians, politicians, and sports stars on earth since its opening in 1871.

National Gallery, Trafalgar Square

If you are an art lover, then you should consider visiting London. A city is an excellent place for art lovers since it is equipped with several great galleries to visit, and it features some of the classic as well as contemporary art.

The best part is that most of these galleries are free of charge, with the National Gallery located in Trafalgar Square being one of them. The National Gallery has everything for everyone, including works by Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Turner as well as Rembrandt present on display.

London markets

London is known for having some of the oldest food markets. The markets in London are easy to find and come in different styles. Some of the things you should while in London is visiting the London markets. Portobello, Camden, Borough, Old Spitalfields, Columbia Road Flower, Brick Lane, and Covent Garden are among some of the best London markets.

Platform 9 ¾

The King’s cross has been the busiest location in London ever since, and it has a train station that has been in operation since 1852 serving much of England. The station was recently renovated, giving it a sleek modern look. While here, you should consider trying to look for a hidden tunnel equipped with walls that lights up with arts.

However, for several individuals across the globe, King’s cross is famous for something different; it is the station where Harry Potter used to journey to Hogwarts. You can now visit the Platform 9 ¾ located in King’s Cross station.

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is located in Kensington. This museum brims with approximately 70 million specimens as well as exhibits from simulated earthquakes to dinosaur bones. Furthermore, the Natural History Museum is also ideal for families, so you will find the area crawling with kids.

To navigate various exhibits within the museum, you should consider using a free application for the National History Museum on your smartphone. You will also have an interactive map of the interior of the museum. It is also equipped with audio guides and behind the scenes of the vast collections.

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