24 Romantic Things to Do in Dahlonega, GA

Dahlonega is a small city that has plenty of romantic things to do. Whether you’re newly dating, trying to rekindle the spark in your marriage, or just looking for a date idea, Dahlonega offers many options. Here are 24 romantic things to do in Dahlonega:

The cabins at Forrest Hills Resort are perfect for couples who want to spend a weekend away from the city. The lodge has multiple amenities, including private hot tubs and king beds that will make you feel like royalty. You may not find many other people during your stay here as every cabin is secluded on an acre of land with plenty of privacy available!

Dahlonega Overview

  • Dahlonega is a small city in North Georgia with a population of about 6,773
  • It’s surrounded by mountains and has plenty of outdoor activities to do
  • There are also many historical sites like the gold mine that you can visit
  • You can stay at one of the hotels or bed and breakfast inns in town for a romantic getaway

Dahlonega, Georgia: Worth Visiting?

Dahlonega is the perfect place for a honeymoon, romantic getaway, or “just because” love affair. Leave your busy life behind and embark on one-of-a-kind experiences from wine tasting to zip-lining!

Wine country: Wine lovers will come alive when they visit this Small Georgian city. They’ll have the opportunity to tour dozens of vineyards and taste world-renowned wines are grown in Georgia’s Piedmont region. Capture stunning panoramic views as you cross over into North Carolina mountainside vineyards that date back to 1852!

Romantic restaurants: There are a number of restaurants in Dahlonega with amazing indoor settings; complete with fireplaces, candles, heavy fabric curtains, big comfy

Take a walk through history with plenty of buildings from time periods spanning hundreds of years.

Forrest Hills Resort

Forrest Hills Resort is a resort perfect for those seeking peace and relaxation. Guests can enjoy the many amenities that are included with their stay, such as private hot tubs, fireplaces, porch swings, The property boasts 140 acres of scenic beauty including gazebos to picnic on or take a break from your walk around the grounds by sitting by one of our numerous fires pits. Start exploring now –

Visit the Secret Garden for a candlelit dinner with your significant other. They offer horse drawn carriage rides, massages and picnics of local wines, cheese and charcuterie from their store as well! What better way to tie the knot or renew vows than in this amazing location?

The Secret Garden is the perfect romantic destination for couples looking to get away from it all.

The Dahlonega Commercial Historic District

The Dahlonega Commercial Historic District, which is an award-winning Main Street City listed on the National Register, is a wonderful place to stroll. You can visit galleries and shops that have wine tasting rooms and local eateries. From art to jewelry, there are many things to buy when you walk around the Square.

White Oaks Bistro

White Oaks Bistro is a beautiful dining destination that blends delicious food and gracious service with breathtaking views. But because of the coronavirus, they have recently shifted their focus to hosting private events like rehearsal dinners for those who want to enjoy their scrumptious fare in peace without worrying about others’ germs; when possible, though, they will reopen public dinners as well with indoor seating available or you can sit out on the deck’s lovely view. In any case White Oak’s continues its tradition of special theme dinings including wine evenings featuring Chef Travis Collum’s expertly prepared dishes such as shrimp & grits (a deliciously Southern dish), grilled filet mignon so tender it practically melts in your mouth

White Oaks Barn is the perfect place for a stunning events, where you can enjoy beautiful views of Three Sisters Mountain in the background. You’ll feel at ease with our friendly staff who will go out of their way to make sure every detail goes smoothly on your special day!

The Lake Zwerner Trail, Dahlonega, Georgia

Located in Dahlonega, Georgia, the Lake Zwerner Trail is a 3.5 mile loop around beautiful Lake Zwerner. The trail offers splendid views of Lake Chatuge and the surrounding mountains. Visitors can enjoy bird watching or fishing at the lake before continuing on their way down the path.
The trails are open from sunrise to sunset and dogs are welcome as long as they’re kept on leash!

Cane Creek Falls

Cane Creek Falls is a beautiful waterfall in Georgia with three cascades. The water flows over an 80 foot high cliff to the base of Cane Creek and It’s easy to get there by following the creek downstream from its source near Springer Mountain, GA.

Located on the grounds of Camp Glisson, Cane Creek Falls is open to the public during daylight hours except when camp is in session. You must check into the Visitors Center prior to visiting this breathtaking waterfall–a significant part of Georgia’s natural beauty and one that needs protection from swimmers or fishers who might want a little more than just an aesthetic experience!

Picnic Café and Dessertery, Dahlonega, Georgia

The Picnic Café and Dessertery is a charming, old-fashioned bakery and café set on Public Square in the heart of Dahlonega that serves delicious homemade cakes, pastries, breads, sweets. Boasting a friendly small-town vibe for more than 18 years with an extensive menu including warm scones with jam & cream or freshly baked muffins everyone will find something to enjoy at this local favorite!

Chestatee Wildlife Preserve and Zoo

Chestatee Wildlife Preserve and Zoo is a wildlife reserve that houses an assortment of animals from white Siberian tigers, African lions and grizzly bears to zebras, elks and emus.

Dahlonega Walking Tours, Dahlonega, Georgia

Dahlonega Walking Tours offers wine tasting, historical ghost tours, and pub tours in the heart of charming Dahlonega. Let yourself be put in the holiday mood on cozy veranda with a glass of crispy tasty wines! and Grapes and Ghosts Tasting Room represents Georgia Winery Ringgold Georgia which is famous for its old winery that has been producing grapes since 1927 providing wonderfully aromatic wines.

North Georgia Astronomical Observatory, Dahlonega, Georgia

The North Georgia Astronomical Observatory is open to the public who want a glimpse at our beautiful night sky every evening of the week and they offer free observations, and are only closed on Sundays so you can take in all that we have to offer!

Quick Ideas of what to do during the day

  • Visit the Dahlonega Gold Museum
  • Take a hike at Tallulah Gorge State Park
  • Shop for antiques and other treasures at The Olde Town Shoppes on Main Street
  1. Take a romantic stroll through the historic town of Dahlonega
  2. Visit the Georgia Gold Museum and learn about the gold rush that shaped this area
  3. Spend an hour or two at the Chattahoochee Nature Center and enjoy nature’s beauty up close
  4. Go on a wine tasting tour with your significant other to taste some of Georgia’s finest wines
  5. Watch a movie together in one of our cozy theaters, like The Historic Ritz Theater or The Grand Cinema 6

What is Dahlonega Ga known for?

Dahlonega Ga is a small town in the North Georgia Mountains that has been around since 1832. Dahlonega was originally known as Goldtown due to its gold mining industry, and it later became an important railroad hub in the South. Today, people know Dahlonega for its beautiful natural scenery and rich history!

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