2 week Cuba itinerary – A complete two week itinerary of all the best things to do

What’s better than a two week vacation in Cuba? This blog post is going to help you plan your trip and make the most of your time there to figure out what you want to do while visiting this beautiful country. We’ve also included some information on culture so that you can learn more about the history and people before you go!

The planning process for your 2 week Cuba vacation can be a daunting task. Whether you are traveling with friends, family or solo, there are many details to consider before leaving on this once-in-a-lifetime trip. With so much information out there about what to do and where to go in Cuba, it can be difficult to know which itinerary is right for you. That’s why we have created this comprehensive guide that will help you plan the perfect two weeks in Cuba!

2 Week Cuba Itinerary | Cuba

Explore all the beautiful places in cuba with this fun and adventurous two week itinerary. Enjoy the best beaches, restaurants, excursions…everything is here!

Cuba Overview

Cuba is a beautiful country with rich culture, friendly locals, and alluring beach landscapes. What better time to visit than during the summer? The best time to visit Cuba is from June to September. This period of time will have perfect weather for your vacation.

  1. Cuba is an island nation in the Caribbean Sea, approximately 90 miles south of Florida
  2. It has a tropical climate and its population is 11 million people
  3. The official language is Spanish, but you can also speak English if you want to
  4. Most Cubans are Roman Catholic or Evangelical Christian

Get Around Cuba: Travel Tips for Things to Do, Places to Eat and More

when it comes to transportation in Cuba! They have four sections: GET AROUND CUBA by CAR RENTAL IN HAVANA AND VARADERO, BUSES FROM MARIEL TO CAYO LARGO, and TAXIS.

  • Take a tour bus from the airport to your hotel
  • Rent a car and drive around the island
  • Ride in a taxi or use public transportation

Quick Ideas of what to do during the day

  • get to know the people and culture
  • explore Cuba’s rich history and diverse geography
  • go on an adventure to one of Cuba’s many natural wonders, like its national parks or beaches
  • try Cuban food, from traditional dishes like ropa vieja (shredded beef) or arroz con pollo (chicken with rice) to more exotic fare such as churros con chocolate (fried dough dipped in hot cocoa), pastelitos de guayaba y queso crema (guava jelly and cream cheese pie), or picadillo de carne molida con huevo frito en pan blanco y cebolla caramelizada(ground beef mixed with egg fried on white bread with caramelized onion).

Week 1

  1. Havana, Cuba – Arrive in Havana and head to your hotel for a restful night’s sleep before exploring the city on foot or by bike with a local guide.
  2. Visit Hemingway’s house, El Capitolio (the former Presidential Palace), Plaza de la Revolución (Revolution Square) and the Malecon promenade overlooking the sea.
  3. In the evening enjoy a traditional Cuban dinner at one of Havana’s many paladares (private restaurants).

Famous Places in cuba to visit

  • Havana – the capital of Cuba and a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Trinidad – an old colonial town with cobbled streets, colorful houses, and a rich history
  • Viñales Valley – home to some of Cuba’s best tobacco plantations and horseback riding opportunities
  • Varadero Beach Resort Area – one of the most popular tourist destinations in Cuba

Accommodation in Cuba

Cuba is a country with many surprises and there are plenty of accommodations for travelers. Cuba has a wide variety of hotels, resorts, and bed-and-breakfasts to choose from. There are also private homes that can be rented through Airbnb or other similar sites for those looking to stay in Havana for an extended period of time.

Cuba is a beautiful country that has many different aspects to it. While it may seem like you would be able to see all of Cuba in one week, this is not possible. We have created an itinerary for what we think are the best things to do and places to see during your trip. This will serve as a guide for your 2 week trip through Cuba!

Week 2

The second week of your 2-week itinerary for Cuba is going to be the most active one. your are going to wake up early and go on a morning hike in the Sierra Maestra mountains, which will bring us back down to sea level where we can enjoy lunch at a local restaurant. After this, you’ll head over to Havana’s famous Malecon – an impressive 2-mile long promenade that stretches along Havana Bay. The evening is free so it would be wise to use your time wisely by exploring Old Havana or grabbing some authentic Cuban cuisine.

Your last days in Cuba

Your last days in Cuba is all about the culture. You’ll visit Old Havana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most-visited sites in Cuba. It’s known for its Spanish colonial architecture and preserved 17th-century cityscape, with striking examples of classic Cuban street design. You’ll then explore El Malecón, a 3 km long boulevard that runs along the coast of Havana on the north side of town. The promenade was built by order of President Fulgencio Batista as an urban renewal project to provide people with access to clean water and improve health conditions in 1950s Havana; it has been improved over time but still retains much original charm.

11 extra Things to do in Cuba


Varadero is a beautiful place to spend your vacation. Varadero has white, sandy beaches and clear water for swimming. There are also many different restaurants that offer delicious food! This blog post will share all the information you need for planning your trip to Varadero so you can have an awesome time with family or friends!

Viñales, Cuba’s Valley of Eternal Spring

Viñales is a small, beautiful town in Cuba’s Pinar del Rio province. Viñales Valley and its surroundings are surrounded by mountains with trees of the evergreen tree family on slopes that are steep and formed from limestone. The valley is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Cuba because it has unspoiled natural beauty.

Pinar del Río: Explore & Discover

Pinar del Río is a city and municipality in Cuba, capital of Pinar del Río Province. It was founded by the Spanish settlers on December 25th, 1693. Pinar del Rio’s name derives from the pine tree forests that once covered the region. The tobacco grown in this fertile valley have gained international renown for their flavor and aroma.

Playa Larga – The Welcoming Beach

The Playa Larga is one of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba, as it’s a place where you can enjoy the sun and pleasant temperatures. The beach has white sand and clear water, which makes it perfect for families with children that are looking for an enjoyable experience. There are also many hotels in this area where tourists can stay while they’re visiting Cuba!

Trinidad Town in Cuba: Picturesque, Caring and Traditionally Timeless

Located about an hour and a half from Havana, the town of Trinidad is one of Cuba’s most picturesque towns. The Caribbean Sea lies just on the other side of this small town with colorful buildings that line its streets. This quaint little town has been preserved in time and many locals are still living their lives according to old traditions. It is easy to see why so many people visit Trinidad Town every year!

The Beautiful Guardalavaca Beach in Cuba

The Guardalavaca Beach in Cuba is one of the most beautiful beaches that you will ever see! The beach stretches out for miles and has a pristine, white sand shore. There are palm trees lining the beach with a perfect view of blue waters as far as the eye can see. This makes it an excellent spot to go swimming or just relax on the beach with your friends and family.

Remember to

  1. Eat a traditional Cuban dish, like ropa vieja or lechón asado
  2. Go to the beach and relax on the sand
  3. Visit Havana’s Malecon seawall for an amazing view of the city
  4. Take a tour of Havana’s old town, El Viejo Habana, which is full of colorful buildings from colonial times
  5. Watch a live salsa show at one of Cuba’s many nightclubs

Things to avoid in cuba : This is a must read!

– Avoid wearing expensive jewellery or carrying large sums of cash

– If someone asks you if you want drugs, say no thanks

– Be careful with people approaching and asking if they can take pictures with you

There are many more things that should be avoided when visiting Cuba; these are just some of the most important ones. Read this article before booking your trip!

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