15 Things To Do In Maui Hawaii

What are some great things to do in Maui? Well, first, if you have never been to Maui, you are missing out on some of the greatest experiences in the world. Maui is a beautiful island in the central Pacific, located between the islands of Hawaii and Kauai. Sprawling Haleakala National Forest encompasses the entire island, including the highest peak, volcano Haleakala, and the breathtaking waters and streams of Oahu’s Hana Highway.

The island’s thirty miles of pristine beaches include the most famous golden-crescent Kauai, sheltered by volcanic lava-rock cliffs. The area also boasts one of the biggest populations of endangered birds on the planet. With a rich variety of activities, there is no shortage to see or do when visiting Maui.

15 Things To Do In Maui Hawaii

No matter if you might want to plan a family trip and just take a short trip on your own to enjoy a couple of days of fun things. Maybe a longer vacation is what you were looking for, or a little more adventure? Whatever you are looking for, there are fun things to do at Maui and most of them are free. You just have to know where to look and plan it right.

Haleakala National Park

Found in the Haleakala National Park, the valley and its swimming pools can make for an amazing day when integrated together with a hike, such as taking the Pipiwai Path. To go into, you will need to pay a charge of $15 (per pedestrian or bicycle) or $30 (per private automobile), but for that price you have access to the whole park, including the tracks and summits and the pools, for 3 complete days.

Honokalani Beach

Take the brief, high path down to the beachfront, remove your shoes and stroll along the glossy black sand.

Banyan Tree Park

To honor the tree, the court house square it now bases on has actually been renamed as Banyan Tree Park. It’s a popular location to snap a photo, and you’ll see just why when you witness it with your own eyes. You have not tasted a pineapple until you have tasted one straight from the bush! Take a tour of a pineapple farm with Maui Gold Tours to see the interesting farming process of the fruit, plus your guide will permit you to taste the pineapples at 3 different levels of ripeness, so you can pick your favorite.

Road to Hana

Among the absolute best things to do in Maui is to drive the picturesque 53-mile, curved Road to Hana. With spectacular waterfalls, hiking areas and beaches, this drive must definitely be on your bucket list. Take a peek at my recommendations of the 17 best Road to Hana stops to see what you would be missing if you pick not to go.

Maui roadside

From banana bread to fresh fruit healthy smoothies to jumbo shrimp, you can get it all on the Maui roadside. On the Road to Hana, stop at Halfway to Hana for some of their popular pieces of banana bread. Or go to among the most widely known roadside stops, Geste Shrimp, a tasty Hawaiian food truck in Kahalui that would make a perfect pitstop on the way to the airport.

Molokini Crater

This stunning and unique crater, found off the Maui, is the remains of a violent eruption that took place more than 200,000 years earlier. It’s an amazing area for snorkeling, as well as diving for those bold sufficient to go deeper. To reach Molokini Crater you will need to pass boat, so the best way to do it is with a tour (like the Molokini and Turtle Town snorkeling trip) The Molokini Crater is worth going to for its unique shape alone, but when you see all the colorful fish and coral, you’ll be exceptionally happy you chose to go on a snorkeling or diving trip there.

Surfing Goat Dairy

Maui is home to Surfing Goat Dairy which is located in lower Kula of Maui’s Upcountry and has actually been producing premium goat cheeses for over 10 years. They offer a range of trips, among which you can milk a real goat! After the milking is complete do not forget to eat a creamy goat cheese truffle while at the goat dairy.

Roadway to Hana

Though the Roadway to Hana is the most famous roadways in Maui, it is not the only location to take an extraordinary drive. Taking a trip north from Kapalua to the Nakalele Blow Hole will not disappoint either. The natural marvel produces quite a show when the tide and surf integrate. Simply do not get too close, due to the fact that it can be dangerous! Called the most special of activities to do in Maui, rappelling down a waterfall can sound both thrilling, when in a lifetime and nerve damaging, all at the very same time.

Haleakala Bike

Haleakala Bike Company will take you on a bicycle experience beginning at the summit of Haleakala, Maui’s largest Volcano. The thrilling 27-mile downhill bike ride consists of bicoastal and crater views, along with rest stop along the method. It’ll most likely come as no news for you that Maui, especially its North coast, is an outstanding place to learn to surf, with spots for both newbies and experts to get their surfing game on.


Due to the fact that of how popular and available surfing is on Maui, you will not need to place on a great deal of effort into finding a spot to go surfing in or where you can discover how to browse for example you might wish to book the Maui Surf Group Lesson.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

You won’t have to put a great deal of effort into finding a decent spot for some lessons and rentals, with Maui Stand Up Paddle Boarding being the highest rated and most popular one to start from.

Bamboo Forest

Along Maui’s Roadway to Hana, you can take the Pipiwai treking path to the majestic Bamboo Forest. Stand among the impressive bamboo that lines the path.

Ululani’s Shave Ice shop

Attempt one of the very best at Ululani’s Shave Ice shop, which has a number of areas throughout Maui. I can vouch for their Haleakala made with coconut, leche and topped with sweetened condensed milk! Mother’s Fish Home is a highly rated and world well-known restaurant located on Maui’s North Shore. It is a family-owned restaurant with years of history, with their fish ensured to be local and fresh, generated by their trusted anglers daily.

Why should you choose Maui?

We have 15 great reasons why a Maui vacation should really be on your list of must-try destinations. It’s a place filled with incredible natural beauty, lots of opportunity for adventure, plenty of great things to do and so much more. If you don’t have a chance to go, make it your next holiday destination by taking a look at these great reasons to come to Maui and explore the wonders of the islands.

Where to Go – Whether you are looking for a relaxing vacation or a tropical paradise, you will be thrilled by everything that Maui has to offer. It has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. It offers a lot of opportunities for adventure. There is a lot of beach fun to be had as well as lots of scuba diving, snorkeling, snorkel tours and more. The weather is warm and the air is crystal clear. You will be blown away by how beautiful the waters are when a boat tours of the area. The food is delicious and affordable and it’s easy to see why people flock to Maui every year to experience all the amazing things it has to offer.

15 Things To Do In Maui Hawaii

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