15 Indoor things to do in Wilmington, NC

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Don’t let the winter months get you down. There are plenty of indoor activities in Wilmington, NC that will keep you busy and entertained no matter what time of year. From museums to shows, there is something for everyone! Here are some indoor activities in Wilmington that we recommend checking out!

  1. Catch a show at the Red Clay Theater
  2. Go to a museum or art gallery
  3. Explore your local trails and parks with friends and family
  4. Spend time in downtown Wilmington, NC’s many shops, restaurants, and landmarks

1. Bellamy Mansion is a historic landmark in Wilmington

  1. Originally built in 1859 by the Bellamy family, it has been carefully preserved and updated to reflect modern life while preserving its historic charm. The mansion offers 10 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens for guests to enjoy as well as an on-site spa offering massages, manicures and pedicures.

2. The Wilmington Railroad Museum

2. is a great place for train enthusiasts, history buffs, and families looking to spend time together. The museum features exhibits on the railroad’s role in Delaware’s development, as well as a hands-on activity area where kids can explore trains from different eras. Whether you’re visiting Wilmington or just passing through, make sure you stop by!

3. Explore the Cape Fear Museum

3. The Cape Fear Museum holds a variety of exhibitions showcasing various aspects of regional history. Whether it’s about pirates or your favorite sports team, this museum has an exhibit for you!

4. Noni Bacca Winery

4. Noni Bacca Winery is a family-owned winery in North Carolina, specializing in creating wines from the finest grapes. From their vineyard to your glass, Noni Bacca strives to produce and promote wines of distinction for discriminating wine lovers around the globe.

Noni Bacca sources its grapes from only premium vineyards – all located within 100 miles of their production facility – that are rigorously inspected prior to harvesting. Each grape variety used by Noni Bacca is meticulously monitored during fermentation to ensure that each batch reaches peak flavor potential.
In addition, Noni’s team works closely with select growers who share their standards and commitment to excellence; these relationships run

5. The Cameron Art Museum

5. The Cameron Art Museum is a must-see for any art lover. The museum’s collection includes an impressive range of paintings, prints, photographs and sculptures from the 18th century to present day. I was particularly drawn to the contemporary section which included some striking pieces by local artists such as Frank Gagliano and Josephine Taylor.
Opening paragraph:

It was a beautiful day in Wilmington when we visited Cameron Art Museum! We spent hours exploring all of the different exhibitions on display including paintings, photography, sculpture and more! My favorite part of Cameron Art Museum is its location – right next to Wrightsville Beach! It’s hard not to have a good time with so much beauty around you.

6. The Museum of the Bizarre

6. If you are in the Wilmington, NC area and want to experience something different than a regular old museum, then you should check out The Museum of the Bizarre. This is not your traditional art gallery or exhibit hall. It’s an interactive museum that features things like shrunken heads, animal skulls and taxidermy animals. You’ll be sure to have fun while learning about some interesting pieces of history!

7. Brown Coat Pub & Theatre

Is a live music venue and restaurant located in Wilmington, North Carolina. Brown Coat offers an eclectic mix of entertainment from indie rock to blues.
The pub features the perfect atmosphere for any occasion: intimate conversations with friends, family gatherings or hosting your own party! The food menu includes a variety of delicious sandwiches, salads and appetizers that are sure to satisfy everyone’s hunger needs. Brown Coat also has one of the best beer selections in Wilmington!

8. Mayfaire Cinemas

8. Mayfaire Cinemas has a lot to offer. They have an IMAX theater, and a theater for the kids that will keep them entertained all day long. Mayfaire is also home of the only bowling alley in Wilmington! With so many things happening at once, you can’t afford not to stop by Mayfair this weekend.

9. North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher: A Unique Experience

9. If you live in North Carolina, or if you are planning a trip to the state soon, then the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher is not an attraction that should be missed! The aquarium has been open since 2008 and features over 150 species of aquatic life. Whether you’re looking for fun family activities, educational opportunities, or a romantic date night location with your significant other – this place will have something for everyone.

10. Do you love to jump on a trampoline?

Have you ever wanted to do it with a bunch of your friends? Flip N Fly is the perfect place for that. Located in Wilmington, NC, Flip N Fly offers everything from birthday parties and events to open jumping times for anyone who wants to come and visit. We offer many different types of trampolines including indoor foam pits!

11. The Battleship NORTH CAROLINA

The Battleship NORTH CAROLINA is a World War II era ship that has been turned into a museum. Located in Wilmington, NC the Battleship North Carolina Museum offers visitors an up-close and personal experience with this hero of WW2. The Battleship North Carolina was commissioned in 1943 and served as part of the U.S Navy for twenty years before being decommissioned in 1961. Visitors to the Battleship can explore two decks of living quarters, three gun turrets, anti-aircraft guns, ammunition rooms and more!

12. The Children’s Museum of Wilmington

The Children’s Museum of Wilmington is a great place for children to learn and have fun. It has an excellent variety of exhibits, including art, science, music and more. Kids can explore the museum at their own pace and satisfy their curiosity about the world around them. Parents will be happy to know that there are interactive activities in each exhibit which helps kids retain what they’ve learned!

13. Sea Gull Recreation Inc is the place to be for family fun. From bumper boats and go karts, to batting cages and mini golf, Sea Gull has something for everyone! Sea Gull also offers a great selection of concession food including hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, pizza slices and more. With so much to do at Sea Gull Recreation Inc Wilmington NC you will never want to leave.

14. City Stage Theatre

14. Is located in Wilmington, NC. It’s a theatre that features live performances of musicals and plays. Their productions include the classics, as well as new shows that are sure to make you laugh and cry!

15. You can always catch a show at Thalian hall which hosts everything from comedy nights to rock concerts to musicals. What kind of entertainment do you

• Stay active, even on a rainy day!
• Explore Wilmington’s art scene in our historic downtown district which is home to many galleries and museums
• Get some education at one of Wilmington’s museums such as The Museum of Coastal Carolina or the USS North Carolina Battleship Memorial

Wilmington, NC

• One of the best places to live in America
• Low crime rates
• Growing population and job market
• Great schools for kids

• Unique and fun things to do in Wilmington, NC
• Great place for a quick getaway or weekend trip
• 800-year old Oak Tree stands tall over the city
• 20 metro parks are just waiting to be explored


• Visit Wilmington, NC and explore the city’s history
• Take in a show at an upcoming festival
• Eat dinner overlooking historic neighborhoods with your loved ones
• Shop for unique items around town

Best things to do in Wilmington, NC

• Stay at a hotel in Wilmington that has been named one of the best hotels on the East Coast
• Get insider access to Raleigh and Durham, NC
• Explore some of North Carolina’s most scenic waterfalls through our curated list:
• Visit historic landmarks like Old Saint Mary’s Church, Cedar Island Light Station, or Swan Quarter Lighthouse

Activities in wilmington nc

• Stay in a luxury, waterfront hotel
• Explore the sights of Wilmington NC and have some adventure
• Spend an evening at a theatre performance or play
• Dine exquisitely at one of our many restaurants

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here’s few more quick Ideas of what to do

  1. Visit the USS North Carolina Battleship Memorial
  2. Watch a movie at The Grand 18 Theater
  3. Have lunch or dinner at one of Wilmington’s many restaurants
  4. Go to the Cape Fear Botanical Garden and Butterfly House
  5. Take a walk through historic downtown Wilmington, NC
  6. Catch an outdoor concert in Wrightsville Beach, NC
  7. Tour Airlie Gardens in Wilmington, NC with your kids for some educational fun!
  8. Play mini golf on Wrightsville Beach Boardwalk & Pier
  9. Spend time exploring Fort Fisher
  10. Visit Monkey Joe’s Amusement Park
  11. See live theater productions at Thalian Hall
  12. Enjoy all that the North Carolina Aquarium has to offer

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