15 best STUNNING beaches in sardinia You Will Definitely Love

Sardinia is its own magical and unique world. This stunning island is a tropical paradise with an Italian twist. Simultaneously it seems like the stunning shoreline of southern Italy, the lush beaches of the Caribbean, along with the rich colorfulness of northern African nations like Morocco.

Nevertheless the beaches will change your typical Italian experience into a divinely peaceful and absolutely breathe-taking one. Sardinians keep their traditions and are exceptionally happy of life on their incredible island. They speak their own language, Sardinian or ‘Sard’ which of all the love languages is considered the closest to Latin.

15 best STUNNING beaches in sardinia You Will Definitely Love

As one of the geographically earliest pieces of land, Sardinia’s fascinating history is complete of various residents, intrusions, and evolving eras. This prolonged history and plus size, Sardinia is the 2nd greatest island in the Mediterranean Sea, leaves the island shrouded in mystery to the outdoors world. The expansive shoreline likewise suggests Sardinia has hundreds of lovely beaches or ‘spiagge’ to pick from.

From impeccable beaches with brilliant white sand to more rugged coves lined with steep rocky cliffs and sea caverns, and others which are likewise wild, but softer, touched by rolling sand dunes and desert shrubbery, there is a spot for each kind of beachgoer. All of them have the brightest, clearest blue water you have ever seen and the most ideal summer sun.

Porta Cervo and Porta Rotondo

For the last several years the towns of Porta Cervo and Porta Rotondo have been established to provide exclusive yacht, golfing, and great dining beach holidays. Although the beaches are absolutely captivating, it is indisputable that these types of high-end holidays will be costly. Luckily, there are lots of other beach choices for the perfect summer vacation in Sardinia.

The south likewise boasts amazingly beautiful beaches with shining white sand and sparkling blue water, but without the resort prices. These are easily available to tourists and families who can join the residents on the sand and in the sea. On the east coast, many beaches have white sand that is delightfully disrupted by cragged rocks and wild bluffs.

The west consists of some stunning remote beaches with impressive dune. Check out more than one and let your daring spirit be caught by the charming shores of authentic Sardinia. Spiaggia del Poetto is a breath taking eight kilometer strip of beach with mostly flat white sand and crystal clear blue water.

Nuraghe di Punta Molentis

The beach is comfortably protected from the wind, the sea is perfect for swimming, and you can rent umbrellas, deck chairs, and other needs. Stay for sunset, since often the sand’s pink pieces are brightened and the beach glows with rose-like colors.

Grottes du Bue Marino

sea caves with impressively big stalagmites, stalactites, and striking rock developments, are just 3 kilometers away.

Cala Luna

You can access Cala Luna by hiking four kilometers from another cove, ‘Cala Fuili’ or by taking a boat from the marina at ‘Cala Gonone.

The Green Coast

On Sardinia’s west side on the famous ‘Costa Verde’ or the ‘Green Coast’ is among the most remote and loveliest natural beaches in Sardinia. The warm sand and turquoise sea sculpted by the wind make this beach preciously wild. The sand is golden and any flatness is idyllically interrupted by big stunning sand dunes dotted with lawns and shrubs.

Bombarde Beach

Gently curved beach with rocky outcrops & lush foliage, plus hotels, eateries & cocktail spots

Cala Brandinchi

Known as the ‘Tahiti of Sardinia’ due to its exotic element, it is situated at Capo Coda Cavallo. It has fine white sand and shallow waters of deep blue-green. The beach has actually formed dunes where Mediterranean pines, junipers and wild lilies grow.


Ideal for serene sun-bathing and much often visited by surfers. S’Archittu (Cuglieri) This beach has actually included in lots of Italian movies and was home to the World High Diving Championship in 2001; it takes its name from the high, incredible natural natural rock arch which dominates the bay, no less than 15 m high.

Porto Pino

Quickly available by cars and truck through awesome surroundings. Porto Pino (Sant’ anna Arresi) Marked by transparent waters and the calm environment normal of a desert. The sand is shining white and the countryside is dotted with the uncommon Aleppo pines.

Su Giudeu

(Chia – Domus de Maria) Embed in the southernmost part of the island, its sand is golden and it boasts high natural dunes. On the horizon are 2 little islands which can be checked out on foot.

Punta Molentis

Positioned at Capo Spartivento, it has a ‘V’ shaped shore and is famous for its fine white sand and crystal-clear waters.

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