15 Amazing Waterfalls in Pennsylvania

When it comes to waterfalls, there are hundreds of them in Pennsylvania alone. There is no doubt that each of the waterfalls you will find in this state is absolutely unique. Some of the most famous ones are: Hunter’s Pass Waterfall, Lackawey Falls, Lackawey Lake, Lemon Creek Falls, Laurel Ridge Falls, Amick Cave, South Mountain, Cielo Falls, etc. The list goes on.

If you are a nature lover then taking a drive around the state park will certainly be a pleasurable experience. You will come across several different waterfalls such as: Cohosh Falls, Killarney Falls, Monastery Rock, etc. These waterfalls add a touch of class and spirituality to your trip.

If you love to camp then summer is the perfect time to visit a state park in Pennsylvania with a waterfall for camping. At Lackawey State Park you will find two different waterfalls: One at the campground and the other at the tarn. The first one can be reached by a trail that leads right from the parking area. To get to the other waterfall, you will have to hike up to the top of the mountain.

1. Raymondskill Falls

Raymondskill Falls

Any list of “must-see” Pennsylvania waterfalls HAS to include Raymondskill Falls.

Billed by the National Park Service as “the tallest waterfall in Pennsylvania” in 178 feet, this one is situated in northeastern PA at the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

2. Cucumber Falls

Cucumber Falls

While Cucumber is not amongst the greatest waterfalls in Pennsylvania, many people regard them as the very best.

At only around 30 feet high, the water falls in a single cascade onto the rocks below.

It can dry up in a few weeks of this summer if there’s minimal rain, but by the fall, it should be impressive once more.

There are other falls within the park, but Cucumber is the one that you should certainly try to see.

3. Dingmans Falls

Dingmans Falls

Dingmans Falls, also located in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, is billed as the second tallest waterfall in Pennsylvania.

Easy to access via a pedestrian boardwalk, the short walk to Dingmans Falls takes you right past Silverthread Falls as well.

4. Dry Run Falls, Loyalsock State Forest

Dry Run Falls, Loyalsock State Forest

The falls that run a close second to Cucumber Falls as the most beautiful in Pennsylvania are called Dry Run.

It’s a strange name for them, because they are one of the very few in the state that never runs dry.

Few waterfalls are so accessible; you can park your car just 50 yards away.

They are only 20 feet high, but height is not everything when it comes to waterfalls.

Often, you’ll find the main watercourse and a smaller one at its side with the water diverted by rocks, so that the two sections of water circulates at sharp angles to one another.

5. Shohola Falls

Shohola Falls

Located on State Game Lands 180 at Pike County, Shohola Falls is a creek-wide waterfall obtained via a 5 minute walk from a Game Lands parking lot.

6. Miners Run Falls

Miners Run Falls is a series of 6 unnamed waterfalls across Miners Run in Lycoming County.

Found in the McIntyre Wild Area, the remaining 5 waterfalls become more difficult to reach as you increase upstream, but the one pictured here is roadside.

7. Main Falls, Bushkill Falls, Pocono Mountains

Main Falls, Bushkill Falls, Pocono Mountains

The hills in the North East of Pennsylvania offer a excellent chance to get out into a beautiful terrain, and the waterfalls add to the beauty of the environment.

Eight drops come under the name Bushkill, with the highest of them just over 100 feet.

They are privately owned but available to the public.

The water — clear as crystal emerges from springs and melts down to form Bushkill Creek, which flows into the Delaware River.

The variety of birdlife and the neighboring marshes add to a setting that is certainly worth a day of your time.

8. Harrison Wright Falls

Harrison Wright Falls

Speaking of famous waterfall hikes, with no doubt THE most famous waterfall hike in Pennsylvania is the Falls Trail at Ricketts Glen in Luzerne County.

And one of the most photogenic waterfalls along that increase is Harrison Wright Falls, 27 feet tall and magnificent in all seasons.

Needless to say, there are 20 other named waterfalls along this trail, so you’ll want to make an entire day out of your visit to Ricketts Glen.

9. Bridal Veil Falls, Bushkill Falls, Pocono Mountains

Bridal Veil Falls, Bushkill Falls, Pocono Mountains

These falls in the Delaware Water Gap Region get their name from the shape which the falling water creates, fanning out as it descends.

Either side, there are two smaller, more traditional waterfalls, each of which carry the title, Bridesmaid Falls.

The walk is not especially strenuous besides the part known as the Red Trail; there are steps leading up and down.

The name is common to several waterfalls in various parts of the country which also look like a bridal veil.

10. Fulmer Falls, Childs Park

Fulmer Falls, Childs Park

Fulmer Falls create a stunning photograph.

You can catch the entire falls in 1 shot but there are several unique shots of different sections that look impressive.

The falls are on Dingman Creek, within George W Childs Park in Pike County — the second of three you will reach.

They are the highest at 56 feet.

Fulmer Falls is very accessible along a boardwalk, but to find those beautiful shots, you need to leave the boardwalk and it is safe to do so.

There are picnic tables and restrooms near by

11. Deer Leap Falls, Childs Park

Deer Leap Falls, Childs Park

The second group of Falls on Dingman’s Creek — at the Delaware Water Gap in Childs Park — is called Deer Leap.

They are of similar size to Fulmer Falls.

Access is easy, and since the water is fairly shallow, many consider the invitation to splash around beneath the cascades.

You will find visitor facilities so it’s a popular spot for families to enjoy the sight and sound of rushing water.

12. Ricketts Glen Waterfalls

Ricketts Glen Waterfalls

The Falls Trail is a 7.2 mile long trail that many believe to be among the greatest hikes in the northeast. The waterfalls range from 9 feet to 94 feet tall and are each an amazing site to see. Often, the waterfalls are so close together, it is difficult to distinguish one waterfall from the next.

If you love waterfalls, there is no better destination in Pennsylvania compared to Ricketts Glen State Park.

13. Buttermilk Falls, Indiana County

Buttermilk Falls, Indiana County

Buttermilk is a frequent title for waterfalls in the state, but the one to go and see is in Indiana County.

It used to be on private property but was donated to the county in the mid-1990s, who later created the Buttermilk Falls Natural Area.

As a result, there is not any restriction in visiting this 45-foot waterfall.

Families enjoy picnics here, with the parking lot and a bathroom in close proximity.

The best time to see the falls is in the spring and then in the autumn, as drains become more frequent after a dry summer.

14. Sullivan Falls

Sullivan Falls

Sullivan Falls is located on State Game Lands 13 in Sullivan County, just 375 feet from a parking area along Sullivan Falls Road.

Another truly outstanding Pennsylvania roadside waterfall.

15. Mill Creek Falls, York County

Mill Creek Falls, York County

These falls are the closest to Harrisburg and include the main waterfall and several rapids.

The overall drop is about 30 feet and the best time to visit is after heavy rains.

They are situated on the Mason-Dixon Trail and rather accessible.

The road is 200 miles long and an adventure in itself, but families make do with these falls, which are only a five-minute walk from the car.

The drop is around 25 feet, but there are a few turns within the stretch of water that make for a great photograph.

16. Ketchum Run Falls

Ketchum Run Falls is one of 4 exceptional waterfalls situated along Ketchum Run in the Loyalsock State Forest, Sullivan County.

This waterfall is roughly 30-feet tall and cascades in a single drop to the rocks below. Cucumber Falls nearly always has some stream, but as with most waterfalls, is best seen in the spring or fall after a good rainstorm.

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