10 Best Road Trips From Texas to Other States.

Did you know that you can drive from morning to evening and not leave the incredible state of Texas? Typically Texas is the second-largest state and only Alaska’s wilderness occupies more land.

The five brightest and biggest cities; San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Fort Worth, and Dallas give you an amazing and manageable road trip. If you have the right travel arrangement, you can never drive your vehicle for more than three and a half hours without making a stopover. Each of the five cities has overwhelming Omni hotels and restaurants that make the best home base for your Texas road trip.

Texas Road Trip

This road trip allows you to enjoy some of the most popular attractions and activities and not forgetting the on-site amenities that give you the cravings for a spa treatment as well as cocktails by the pool or a round of golf.

If you are in the search for incredible road trips from Texas to other states, look no further. This article will provide you with the best Texas destination that will give you an amazing experience with memories that will never fade.

Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas

A road trip to Texas cannot be complete without visiting the capital city, Austin. If you are departing from Houston, it is a 165 miles trip and an average of 2 hours and 40 minutes if you are using your car. Austin is the capital of Lone Star State and gives a taste of everything ranging from beer bars, food truck parks and badass food and epic outdoorsy activities. In Austin, you will also experience incredible live music and also nightlife scenes.

Point your finger in any direction and you will come across some incredible nugget of gastronomy. For instance, Gourdough’s everything on the menu is inside a doughnut. Still, you will enjoy sangria swirl margaritas and best of all, your family will love the view.

Make a trip to the Greenbelt, which is a 12 plus mile trail for biking, hiking, and Gram. This city is amazing since you can also visit Lady Bird Lake for stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, and further biking and hiking. Enjoy the panoramic city views from the top of Mount Bonnell.

To add to the more than enough activities that you can do, you can pop by the in-city Barton Springs waterhole. Still, there is the grotto Hamilton pool and the mammoth natural pool, but they are not available for swimming. Additionally, Austin is home to barbeque legends including la Barbecue to Franklin Barbecue.

How to get around Austin, Texas

To get to Austin, the closest airport is Austin-Bergstrom Airport ready for all international travelers. It is best if you used public means to avoid paying for parking. The Capital Metro Bus System is there to take care of your traveling needs. The best place to stay in Austin is Rainey street where you find welcoming Partying hoards. You can also stay in Downtown which is quiet on weekends. The best time to visit Austin is between September and November for a warmer climate, but not extremely hot. Just like in Dallas, pack similar clothes since these places are closely related.

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Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth Texas is a four-hour nonstop drive from Houston and the trip is about 238 miles. Fort Worth is the fourth fastest developing city In the U.S. The Omni Fort Worth Hotel boasts a combination of native stone and wood wall interiors as well as ultra-modern exterior glass that reflects the amazing contrasts of this city.

What to eat

When in Fort Worth, you can have your lunch at Cast Iron. The menu here comprises lighter items including a house-made mezze platter together with a seasonal salad.

How to get around

To get to Fort Worth You can use a train, Airport and navigate the city by public transport. There are numerous hotels for your accommodation including Embassy Suites and many more. Pack your light clothes since the city is quite warm and party clothes. The best time to visit the city is from September to November

South Padre Island

South Padre Island

Texas has more than 3,300 miles of shoreline thus plenty of beaches that you can choose from for your Texas road trip. South Padre Island is popular for its beaches thus great fun for your family. If you plan to visit this place, avoid the month of March, only if you are a party-loving person then you can visit during this month. The rest of the months are quieter.

If your family enjoys educational opportunities that are related to sea-life, then this should be your first stop. Visit the Sealife Nature Center and Dolphin Research and the Sea Turtle included. The exciting part is that In South Padre Island, there is a five-story watchtower where you can catch a glimpse of numerous birds as well as other creatures that live on this island.

There are also parks on this island for playtime and also Island Adventure Park that allows horseback riding, a petting barn for animal lovers, and zip lines. This island Fun Park boasts mini golf together with go-karts if you love sports.

How to get around

If you are driving from one of the cities in Texas, the nearby one being Houston, the road is Highway 59 and then turn into 77 in Victoria. Turn onto Interstate 37 S and then connect to 69 E just before Corpus Christi. You will find several restaurants for fast food.

Where to stay

The closest airport to reach you to this island is Brownsville International Airport. You can also access the Island via a free public transport known as Island Metro. There are numerous hotels in South Padre with affordable accommodation such as Sapphire Condominiums and Hilton Garden Inn and more. The best time to visit the island is from September to February but you can during the spring break for fun. Ideally, you should pack all your beach necessities when visiting this island.

New Braunfels

New Braunfels

New Braunfels is approximately 30 miles while approaching from North San Antonio and 48 miles when approaching from South Austin. There are popular hotels in New Braunfels located around the Landa Park area with affordable accommodation prices. During springs the area is busy and this is the best time if you prefer to do numerous things. Tourism is at its peak during this time. Pack your partying clothes since you will be experiencing your best outdoor activities.

If you have watched the show, Dirty Jobs by Mike Rowe, then you can recall the episode from Snake Farm Zoo and Animal World. Snakes and alligators are very common in this unusual attraction. It is visible when in New Braunfels off I-35. This zoo has other exotic animals that will fascinate your kids.

Another famous attraction is the Original Schlitterbahn Park that attracts tourists who wish to cool off. Schlitterbahn means slippery road and is derived from Germany. The water park consisted of 4 water slides, but it has expanded thrice and it is bigger than ever.

New Braunfels: Things to do for Kids

Nearby, you will find the McKenna children’s Museum, which is a nice stopover for your children. The activities here involve culture, space, and technology. Everyone will enjoy The Braunfels Railroad and the Modelers Society. There are unique free events that are held monthly to familiarize families with the model railroads inside as well as the real full-size train cars that are open for exploring. Your young engineers will be overwhelmed by this activity. You should bring your ice chest to this place to save some money on drinks and food.

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San Antonio

San Antonio

You can arrive in San Antonio via the San Antonio Airport which is about 10 miles from the city center. Exploring this town, it is best to use public transport- VIA Metropolitano Transit buses. San Antonio has popular hotels where you can stay on your vacation and the prices are affordable. Some include Residence Inn Downtown San Antonio and Drury Inn Riverwalk, San Antonio. The best time to visit San Antonio is between November and April. The weather is friendly and the hotel prices are low. Dressy casual and Casual will be okay when you are traveling to San Antonio.

Departing from Houston, San Antonio is slightly under 200 miles and your trip will take around three hours if you are driving. There is so much for you to view in San Antonio, apart from the Alamo. If you have not visited this famous site before, ensure that it is part of your Texas road trip travel arrangements.

Alamo is situated several steps from San Antonio Riverwalk and it is surrounded by ice cream shops, local eateries, Movie theaters, hotels, and numerous activities that will leave you and your family asking for more.

OMG French Toast is the beginning of your great day in San Antonio. This should be followed by a quick ride to the San Antonio zoo. Here, reptiles are a standout attraction. On the contrary, if your family loves art more than aardvarks, then the San Antonio Museum is what they are yearning for.

Another better choice is the Witte Museum where you are enlightened with Texas’s natural history. Still, there is the San Antonio Botanical garden if you desire a peaceful stroll. For your younger kids, you can take them to the DoSem where they will experience numerous activities that will keep them happy.

Where to eat in San Antonio

For your early dinner, you can visit the Riverwalk and enjoy an early dinner made of chips together with homemade salsa. If you will spend a night in San Antonio, you should not miss the Mi Tierra Cafe y Panaderia, since it has adequate fun as well as a festive atmosphere that your teenagers will love.

On your way out of San Antonio, grab quiche, blackberry toasts egg muffins, and ham at bakery Lorraine. You can also visit the pearl’s weekend for the morning farmers market and get yourself artisan snacks as well as a local coffee to enjoy before reaching your next destination.



To reach Galveston, you can fly to Bush International Airport and then reach the area via public transport. Galveston is only 50 miles from Houston thus a trip you can make in a day. While in this city You can stay in San Jacinto, East End, or Downtown where you will find stunning hotels for your vacation. The best time to visit the place is from September and November and you can pack your light clothing for the warm weather.

Galveston has its history that starts from the 1800s to 1900 when a massive storm wiped out a larger part of this Gulfside town. The first section of this 16-foot high section, which is also 17 feet wide was completed in 1904 and is over 10 miles long.

This seawall protects the precious or gems of history, and it stands like elegant Victorian architecture. The moody gardens give an aquarium together with 3D and also 4D movie theaters as well as other activities that will make your day complete.

This is a perfect area to enjoy a boat ride together with your family and gives you many other options. Other fun activities in this area include fishing, airboat rides, jet skis, and also kayaking. Most of the cruise ships depart from Galveston, thus if you have plans of cruising, then ensure that you spare some time to explore this amazing Texas city.

On your journey to Galveston, you can make a stopover at Space Center Houston and enjoy a mind-blowing tour of this facility. If you would like a delicious meal of fish, crab, shrimp, and lobster, this place is your dream come true.

The Texas Hill Country

The Texas Hill Country

The easiest way to access this place is through Austin. And the logical way from Austin Bergstrom Airport is by car or public transport. Hotels in this place are just 10 miles from Austin with affordable accommodation prices. You can pack your items just like you would pack when traveling to Austin, but include light clothes to access the hills.

It is most likely that you have seen a carpet consisting of wildflowers. The spring comes with rolling hills as well as fields that are dressed in a changing scene of colors, In Texas Hill country located west of Austin. It is approximately 200 miles from Houston.

The season of wildflowers starts with the popular indigo Texas bluebonnets and the first wave emerges during the early march. Other things that you cannot afford to miss in this place are the purple thistles, Orange Castilleja, yellow Huisache daisies, and more colors that decorate the country roads.

If you are going towards Llano and passing via Austin, then you get the opportunity to enter the Hill Country Galleria, a mall with numerous restaurants and shops. In Llano, you will see an amazing Courthouse within the town square, and thereafter, hit the Cooper’s- the best barbecue restaurant in Texas.

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To get to Waco, fly into Dallas and then reach the place by car. This is a growing city in Texas and it is approximately one hour south of Dallas. It is also around 185 miles from Houston. It is famous for hosting America’s home renovations Joanna Gaines and Sweethearts Chip. There are several homes that you can rent in this place at affordable prices. The best time to travel to Waco is between September and November and you can pack your decent clothes as well as party dresses and jeans.

The first Magnolia Market was started in 2003 and then the empire expanded greatly after the Fixer Upper show started in 2013. Nowadays, tourists flock to see the silos at Magnolia. The market is open from Monday to Sunday and it has trolleys and food truck galore to get you to the place.

Apart from Magnolia, Waco is also home to Dr. Pepper Museum- with tree floor exhibits about a soda fountain, soft drinks as well as a gift shop. You can fulfill both activities in a single day. If you need any outdoor activities, you can visit the Waco Mammoth National Monument to see the fossils of female mammoths and also a bull mammoth. Moreover, you can also check the Cameron Park Zoo.

Dallas, Texas Things to do

things to do in dallas, texas

Dallas city is the home to the -DART longest rail system in the US. Also, you can get to Dallas via taxis, buses, rideshares and you can also drive yourself there. DART trains and buses operate between 5 am and midnight and are the best means of transport to Dallas.

When In Dallas, the best place to base out of is Downtown Dallas. There are numerous hotels and of different kinds according to your preference and also, they have different price ranges. The best time to visit Dallas is between early September to November. During this time the temperatures are not too hot and the tourist traffic is low. Moreover, the Texas State Fair is at its peak. When planning for this trip, men should pack a light sweater, a light pea coat, jeans, and pants while women should pack their heels and party dresses.

In Dallas, you experience your arts and culture starting from your hotel room since every original local art that decorates the wall is for sale. In Dallas, visit the Omni Dallas Hotel, which has a thousand rooms and is centrally located downtown where it presents the work of about 145 area artists. If you fall in love with a particular piece, you just talk to the guys in the gift shop or rather, browse this hotel’s database to get an additional unique work by the artists.

The hotel’s front lawn has a 42 feet tall Flying Red Horse and also a neon-lit sculpture as well as the Dallas icon that was built in 1934 to house the petroleum Institute’s annual meeting. Still in Dallas, do not miss the Nasher Sculpture Center or the Dallas Museum of Art.

Dallas Texas: Things to do for Kids

For all your kids, take them to the Perot Museum and when you get inside, you can visit several floors for natural science and history that will blow your mind. When you get hungry, buy some barbecue brisket and Tex-Mex that will leave you licking your fingers. Dallas experiences a warm climate so you can pack your light clothes as well as your swimming costumes to enjoy the swimming pool in the Omni Dallas Hotel.

25 Best Things to Do in Dallas, Texas

Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas

You can access Houston by train, air and navigate through the city by bus. The Sunset Limited trains will reach you here, but if you are traveling by air Bush Intercontinental Airport is there for you. Montrose is the best neighborhood to stay in Houston and it is just west of Downtown. There are numerous hotels and restaurants all offering cheap services.

Houston boasts a leafy park-like setting- the Omni Houston Hotel that recently reopened after a $30 million renovation. This will make you forget that you are only ten minutes away from the Houston Central business district. Pack at least a cardigan and a pair of pants. Also, bring warmer cloth since the air conditioning here can be cold. The best time to travel to Houston is between mid-September to November or between February to April.

In Houston, you can take a town car ride to the renowned Galleria Mall, which is the largest and also the most complete shopping destination. It will be very exciting to window shop just like it is to buy here.

Omni Houston Hotel has a new lobby that is filled with inviting community tables, deep tufted sofas as well as a living garden wall that serves as the central hub for all activities. The adjacent side is the Birdies Cafe and Bar where you are served an excellent breakfast.

In conclusion, Texas is an incredible state with amazing cities and endless activities and scenarios that will leave you and your family with long-lasting memories. This article has given you the 10 best road trips from Texas to other estates that will give you a stunning experience.

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